Eternal/NOMIS collab hoody

Eternal/NOMIS collab hoody

If you haven’t seen it already check out the Nomis Blog. They are having a contest to see who can come up with the most original description of how we came up with the colors for our Eternal Custom Color Hoody. So check it out, tell us what you think and maybe you’ll be the one to win your very own Eternal Collab hoody.

Need some inspiration? Check out the Mystery hoody descriptions in the Nomis hoody section.

  • matt

    you wonted one that has lots of colers but not all over the place and for people that like to ware sweet colers

  • brendan

    one day on a acid trip you guys were drinking a juice box and the juice box said to you use whit,purple blue and black somehwat like a bruise that you had at the time which was on your chest from waxing it to much

  • greg

    the purple & blue do really well against the white, very clean! big ups 2 nomis and their mystery line, so sick. I want one of these, how much?!