This is getting fun

  Check today’s rants and raves.  Gotta love the big guys that hide behind computer screens and keyboards.

Participant: Hey, buddy, how come no one has heard **** about your company. You suck and you are never going to sell a single snowboard. And by the way, if you are sooooooo good at making logos, why don’t you make your own instead of being a cheap ****ing ****head and giving people a t-shirt and a couple stickers. Oh and it might be about time you leave your moms house and get a girlfriend, you ****ing loser. I wouldn’t be talking, your logo is an es with two ****ing points on the e, who gives a ****. Seriously, get the **** out of your ***.

ps. i made you a picture and attached it to this email.
        i would have attached the sweet little pic he did up, but it wasn’t worth the effort of downloading it, uploading it to photobucket, and posting it up here.

Have a good one.

        PS – my apologies to the contestant that submitted the logo this little bastard is bashing – don’t worry, your logo is far better than the crap he sent in, and is just pissed that someone called him on the crap he’s passing off as an attempt at design.  Little bastard couldn’t even spell our name correctly.