Snowboarding Picture Contest on


Do you love snowboarding? How about snapping pictures of your friends while they’re snowboarding? Combine the two, and you could be featured on the home page! wants to feature your snowboarding picture on its home page for one month – if it’s good enough, of course!

Now I bet you’re wondering how to enter. Here’s the deal:

* Take an original picture of a friend or a complete stranger performing a trick or snowboarding across a scenic view.
* Post the image to your blog or website.
* Add the phrase “Give me free snowboarding gear” as a link to as entry into the contest.

Once the photo and link are up, send a Direct Message on Twitter to @eternalsnowcom and submit an email to

The rules:

* The contest will run for 3 months, with 1 winner per month.
* Submissions end one week before the end of the month.
* Top 10 go to a vote.
* Must be an original picture.
* You must provide us with a link to your blog, the image on Flickr, etc., with the link to our site as noted above so we can verify the link.
* Image must be in landscape format and large – approximately 3000×2000 would be good so we can resize as necessary.

If you’re snowboarding picture is chosen, you could take home some snowboarding gear!

Grand Prize

* Snowboarding picture featured on’s home page for one month
* $250 Shopping Spree at
* Eternal Die-Cut Sticker

Runner Up

* Eternal zip hoodie
* Eternal short sleeve t-shirt
* Eternal Die-Cut Sticker

2nd Runner Up

* Eternal short sleeve t-shirt
* Eternal Die-Cut Sticker