Vote for Month One’s Winner of’s HomePage Image Contest

Votes are in for this month’s Homepage Image Contest!

We’ve gathered the top six entries for you guys to vote on. You can only vote once, so make it count.

And the nominees are……

Adam Chrabaszcz


Amelia Kenny


Shaun Kosoy


Rhys Logan


Dylan Thompson


Alexander Troetthan


Place your vote in the below poll, let your buddies know, bribe strangers, do whatever it takes to win free snowboarding gear! Voting ends at midnight, Friday, February 8, so get on it!

  • bob

    oh man that last one is sick

  • Enigma

    Some sick photos for sure. From a photography standpoint I think Adam Chrabaszcz, Rhys Logan, and Dylan Thompson are the best. But from a “feeling” standpoint I really like Shaun Kosoy’s. Bobbing and weaving through the trees in fresh pow…that’s snowboarding to me.

  • rory

    keep the comments coming guys! some sweet shots, for sure. looks like shaun’s tree-weaving pow shot is out in front right now. we have another week though, so there’s no telling where this is gonna end up. spread the word, let’s get some more votes in!

  • Kara Brighton

    I love the bright colors and angle of the shot by Amelia Kenny

  • Trey Terry

    Nice pic Amelia!

  • Sunshine

    I love Amelia Kenny’s shot of the snowboarder with the sick jump. It is very aesthetic and seems like the snowboarder is flying. It’s a great picture. I like the lighting too and how it made like geometric shapes.

  • Eli ….uh….not Kenny

    Well obviously the awesome shot by Amelia Kenny is the best, but points to alexander

  • Bethany Shipman


  • Towel

    I agree with Eli Not Kenny. Amelia’s the best, no doubt about it (:

  • Katie

    I said I love your pics, Ami, and this one is one of your best for sure! :) My favorite out of these too. Hope you get your gear.

  • Joshua Lee

    Go Amelia!
    that’s a shot that even I won’t be able to get easily.
    the sky behind and the subject in front, it’s almost impossible to get a sky THAT blue. Amazing picture!

  • kc

    amelia wins slaughter rule ?!?!!!

  • Jason B

    Wow “Joshua Lee” has a point. Beautiful color. But I also do love Alexander’s shot- gotta love that fisheye view

  • Axel narendra

    GO AMELIA..!!!
    smoothest picture with a lovely tune of color..!!

    voted from Indonesia..!!!

  • Sunshine 2

    Go Amelia! I like the azure sky.

  • Ji Eun Lee

    Go AMY! :D

  • jacob

    Oh man Amelia is killing it

  • Wil Reynolds

    Even though the last one is not the most popular its my fave by far. I LOVE the angle, however Amelia’s is my second favorite, running a CLOSE second.

  • Jeremy

    Amelia’s for sure… great contrasty colors and a true portrayal of flight.

  • Aa

    Def voting for Adam – love the lighting and “industrial” background. Come on kids you gotta give him a bit of credit for the homemade

  • van

    the last one is sooo sick… the style, the view… POINTS TO ALEX and his rider!

  • andrew

    go amelia kenny! that pic. rocks!

  • Thoms

    Go Alex! Awesome pic… Do you have more from this? Nice angle, nice light, nice fisheye. And good rider…

  • Bill

    the last one is a banger!

  • Dexter

    Amelia Kenny has a great photo! All of these are pretty exciting as well.

  • Jesse Thompson

    Wow, Amelia! AWESOME photo. :D

  • tanja

    the last one is awesome … colours, trick, everything perfect

  • bubbu

    siiiiick the one from alex is hot!

  • Phi

    amelia’s is awesome

  • Squirrel

    Credit to Amelia’s! All are pretty tight shots, but that ones got that feeling that goes with a sweet picture.

  • Grant Race

    Dylan man i really hope you get somewhere with this! You came out of no where with these photos, i love them all! Best of luck to everyone

  • Matt…

    Kenny’s pic is the best.. and I think I found my new favorite color… that blue is orgasmic!

  • Stefan

    The one of Alex is the best! Very nice! ;)

  • Bobert

    Amelia SICKKK pic. all great shots, so props to you all id say yours is best followed by the fish eye red bull shot. good luck everyone and God Bless you all!

  • Aiicha

    GO AMEL!!! :D

  • Deavy

    Go amel! I’ve voted :)

  • genome

    The last one is awsome!


  • William

    Nice one Amelia

  • Genevieve

    All the photos are amazing. My favorite because of the colors and the boarder-in-the-sky would have to be Amelia’s!!

  • http://facebook Wanda

    Go Amelia! Nice picture. Love the colors

  • Larry

    That is an awsome shot amelia :)

  • any clue?

    what should be the good thing on amelias pic?! … its too retro… where is the take off, the landing? the table,….? thats just no snowboard pic sorry…
    some kind of color artwork maybe, but no snowboard picture contest winner… sorry!

  • LU pride:D

    GO LU!!

  • lil’girl

    any clue?..stfu..

  • customer service guy ;-)

    Alex’ shot’s gonna make it. The depth is freakin amazing. No way to top this one. Both thumbs up. Am’s shot is great but not THAT great. Gimme a fuckin break, plz…

  • Cosmo

    CSG…go fist yourself. Cunt.

  • Rick

    Ok guys cmon dont get all pissy about this. Be positive about the photos and vote for the one you want. You dont have to diss on the other shots or shove your attitude on everyone else. All 6 photographers did a great job. Keep nasty comments to yourself..

  • LU

    LU pride!! :D Go Amelia and Myles!!

  • You have no clue

    “Any clue”- learn how to speak english then critique some photos

  • kc

    well then don’t vote for it and as lil girl said…stfu

  • oida

    ma oida alex taugt ja amoi sowas von

  • CoachK

    Great pic Amelia

  • Tristan V

    My boy Dylan Thompson has got the flicks son, mad bars.

  • Monique

    Whoa Amel! Nice one!!

  • madura 2 jember

    the picts are all sick and awesome. but i had to choose amelia’s coz it has the most blue sky, obviously skilled dude, full erected board n last but not least a lady’s delicate n gifted touch. -masterpiece on its way-

  • jancok

    amelia’s is the best

  • ! ! ! ! ! !

    I like Adams pic and Alex pic but i do have to say i love Amelias picture, And what the heck who ever said Its not a snowboarding picture is an Idiot, and o yeah Retro “Any Clue” ummm i take it you have not been watching snowboarding Videos for the past some 3 years ! ! But anywho, Great pictures all of you

  • Anonymous

    Amilia Kenny

  • bob saget

    I love Americans.

  • American

    Yay for good ol’ American voting power. Go Amelia!

  • Dave wrath

    Wow Amilia your picture is the best ! ! ! ! hey so we all got togther and voted, but umm Hey one of my friends says that one of your competitors Has Hacked into the poll. So we are getting someone to deal with it, and we see to he being DQ.

  • Claude Stevens

    I talked to one of the editors of the magazine and they have definitely found someone that is not playing fairly. They plan to disqualify the first entry “Adam Chrabaszcz.

    Good job to the other competitors for playing cleanly.

  • Kelly

    Wow Guys!!! serious, Why would someone cheat man if he did, hahaha tho that’s really lame if he did.

  • Jon Belis

    People do know this poll ended about 3 hours ago?!?

  • Anonymous

    No, it ended just now, that was midnight in California. Also, I hope they don’t count Adam Chrabaszcz’s votes, I watched him go up 500 votes in 15 minutes.

  • Nick

    Hey I like Alex Photo, Awww man it did just end :( , Hey Yeah By the way Anonymous I agree with you on that They shouldn’t Count Adam Chrabaszcz’s cause i saw that to How he went up to like 500 in 15 minutes, I mean if u don’t feel that good about your own photo and have to Cheat, you must got a real problem.

  • A

    Hey i think it`s a little bit strange to vote. There should be a photographer from a magazine or something else who really knows about that. Public vote is often not that good, cause most of the people don`t really know what actually a “good” photo is. So think about that! The cheating is also bad… I also thought at the beginning that it`s kinda strange how the votes are going up like every 5 – 10 minutes… Thats it! greetz