Eternal Grom Team takes first in Ultimate Boarder 2010 is proud to congratulate the Eternal Grom team for placing first, in the youth team division, at this years Ultimate Boarder competition.  A competition when boarders of the three different board sports; Surfing, Snowboarding, and Skateboarding battle for the title of Ultimate Boarder. The little groms on Eternal’s youth team;  Trevor Thornton,  Lil’ Joshua Douglas, and Nathan Alegeria held it down for the shop by taking two first pace standing in both Surfing and Snowboarding. The competition began in Seaside Reef, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA where surfers threw down then rolled through the Sierras, stopping in Northstar-at-Tahoe  where the snowboarders hucked themselves, and finally coming to the Grand Sierra Resort Reno, NV for the indoor skate jam and the finals.  In the men’s division Team Hosoi took the crown with help from big name riders such as; Christian Hosoi, Brandon Cocard, and Rob Machado. Congrats once again to both teams. Check out the photos from this years Ultimate Boarder comp at: