Eternal Snowboarding Desktop Wallpapers

I got a little tired of looking at the same thing everyday, and decided to make up some desktop wallpapers and I though’t I’d share them with y’all, cause that’s just how I am.

Here’s the linky:

Snowboarding Desktop Wallpapers at

I made a few versions of each. For the fortunate with uber big, uber widescreen monitors there’s a set for you. Most of us have monitors with either 1440×900 or something similar – that’s what I call “PC Widescreen Resolutions”. And those of you using old school 800×600 nearly square monitors, there’s “Standard Resolution” just for you.

So anyway, check ‘em out, and get some shred on your computer.

Oh, yeah, some teasers:
Eternal Desktop Wallpaper Teaser 1
Eternal Desktop Wallpaper Teaser 2
Eternal Desktop Wallpaper Teaser 3