Tahoe’s first real snow is here….

Not sure how long it’s gonna last, but the storms that have blown through in the last few days left some white stuff up on the mountains.

From Reno you can see the cap of Mount Rose is dusted – well, you could yesterday. There’s no visibility today with all the rain, clouds, fog, etc.

This is actually the second snow since the season ender last spring – we had a freak storm last month that left a dusting on Mount Rose that lasted a couple of hours. But, this one seems to be sticking around.

Anyone have any updates on mountains blowing snow? From the valley it doesn’t seem nearly cold enough for snow making, but we did hear a rumor that Boreal’s blowing as we speak.

Could this be another trick-or-treat shred fest year????

On another note – we posted a poll on the shop site – “What day-ish will Tahoe have first snow this year?”. Those of you that selected October 2 are full of win right about now :)