Want to ride 2012 snowboards in 2011?

Well Doc. let’s fire up the Delorean and go back to the future, or maybe just up to Mt. Rose for Eternal’s on snow demo! If you are itching to try some snowboards from the future then meet us at Mt. Rose on Sunday, April 10th 2011. You will be able to try out boards, boots and bindings from Capita, Forum, DC, GNU, Lib Tech, Roxy, Rome, Ride and Technine.

Should you find that all too perfect combination of board, boot or binding, then you will have a chance to pre-order  with us and SAVE 10% in the process. Be the first kid on your block to have all the fresh gear.

Oh one more thing you like cheap tickets right? Come down to either Eternal location (Sparks or Reno) anytime before 5pm on April 9th and sign up for the Demo to get a lift ticket for ONLY $35!

Mt. Rose Demo

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    Cheap lift tickets… I’m there for sure.

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