Artec is Art Fused with Technology

Artec aims to fuse art with technology. Artec has been thriving overseas since 2007 and now they aim to blow up in the states. Artec has a truly global team of some really innovative riders, with the likes of Nima Jalali, Gabe Taylor and Lisa Filzmoser. Artec also employs some true legends of snowboarding including Blaise Rosenthal, Artec Creative Director.

Artec is focused on creating some of the best freestyle snowboards out on the snow. Manufacturing for Artec Snowboards is located high in the Austrian Alps, at the famed Elan snowboard factory. The Elan factory is home to some of the most advanced snowboard manufacturing processes in the world. In fact this is home to the manufacturing of many brands in the industry.  Artec’s state of the art manufacturing facility has been producing snowboards for over 20 years, and they put out some of the highest quality boards on the market today.

Spending some time flexing and touching these Artec Snowboards and bindings you start to get a sense of the high grade materials that they are using. Artec is offering a core profile to suite any riding style. The Pop Rocker offers what they call PopTEC, which is basically a jib rocker that has a real skate inspired feel. The Nima Jalali offers FlaTEC which is a flat core profile. Flat profiles are picking up in popularity because they have traits of both camber and rocker. Flat boards will hold speed and have the pop of a camber board but also have a loose feel similar to a rocker board. The Gabe Taylor Artec is a ture camber snowboard. This is great for high speeds and big jumps. Gabe spends a lot of time out in the backcountry and this board holds up to his demands.

The Artec Nima Jalali is definitely on the hit list to try out when the snow hits (hope fully soon). We will bring you a product review of Artec as soon as we can get on one. Visit Artec’s website to get the nitty gritty on all of their technologies.


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