Snowboarder Mag Photo Annual + Eternal

When I opened up the new Snowboarder Magazine Photo Annual, I saw this shot of Andrew Brewer on his Technine snowboard and thought “Hmmmm where have I seen this before?” Andrew Brewer

Oh yeah it is the cover for Eternal’s 2012 Catalog!

Eternal 2012 Cover

Props to E-Stone for an incredible picture. I guess if it is good enough for Eternal it is good enough for Snowboarder Magazine’s Photo Annual.

This is some good timing as Brewer has just made a big jump on Transworld Business’s Exposure Meter, from 155 to 15.

  • Snopresence

    Shredtastic article!!  Congrats on the Snowboarder Mag Centerfold! If you’ve got any stories about snowboarders colliding with “good karma” we’d love to hear them and post them on our site-guest bloggers, love them! SnoPresence-