2013 Burton Imperial Snowboard Boot

Burton Imperial Boot 1

Burton Imperial Boot 1Three words describe the Burton Imperial snowboard boot: snug, firm and light.  The Imperial challenges all other snowboard boots in the $300 range to pack as many features into it without breaking the bank.  Not the high school park rat’s jib boot, the Imperial is the a name-taking, butt-whooping, big-stomping freeride boot that will never leave you blaming your boots.   Burton calls this the boot you have been waiting for, so lets check it out.Burton Imperial Boot Blk

When I first put the Burton Imperial on, the Speed Zone lacing and Imprint 3 liner made it quick and easy.  Sliding my foot in, I could feel the heat moldable foam welcoming my foot to the party.  But this isn’t no hang out in the corner and watch the hot chicks not talk to you kind of party.  You remember that scene in Can’t Hardly Wait with Guns Roses’ “Paradise City”?  It’s  that kind of party, and these boot won’t stop putting the vodka in the watermelon.

But like any killer party, you have to be prepared.  The Imperial has a stiffness of 7 of 10, so if you are a lightweight or just looking to cruise this may not be the right boot for you.  As I flex and wear the boots for a few minutes, I can feel how much they hold my feet, especially my heel.  There is no sliding or slippage in any direction.  And with the Speed Zone lacing, I can get them extra tight in seconds.  Moving in these boots definitely feels better than standing still.

Burton Imperial SoleThere are tons of other technical parts to the the Burton Imperial as well.  Footprint reduction keeps the boot fitting true to size, but shrinks the profile of the boot to reduce toe/heel drag.   The Rad Pad is put above the top of the in step to keep it cozy where the laces exert the most pressure.  The outsole features a Vibram Ecostep sole, B3 Gel and EVA foam, making it light, cush and grippy.  There is also the EST mid sole that keeps the foot as close to the board as possible for feel and response.  S4 shell panels hold it together with the Speed Zone laces; together they wrap the boot around your foot for and extra snug and even fit.  The level 2 EVA foot bed has extra support with the ESS support shank and is coated with Aegis Antimicrobial to keep the stink away.

If you are ready for a Burton Snowboard boot that will rock and roll all night and party everyday, then the Burton Imperial is a great choice.  Solid, snug and light, the Imperial will shred as hard as you can.

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