2013 Lib Tech Snowboards Skate Banana BTX

Skate Banana BTX

This year’s Lib Tech Skate Banana keeps to its roots with the BTX reverse camber profile.   It also has magne-traction, twin geometries, a medium flex, H-pop core, power transfer internal sidewalls, sintered base and tons of awards.  That is quite the mouthful, but it all adds up to be a fun ride that floats in the powder, bonks off of tree stumps and locks on to rails with ease.  Great for the beginner and solid enough for the advanced freestyle rider, the Skate Banana will fit just about any ability level, and make sure that rider is smiling all day long.

Skate Banana BTXThe Skate Banana comes in a range of sizes and Eternal has two colors to choose from: gray/black and yellow/green.  Skate Banana BTX Wide is also available. Stiffness and flex is based on the length of the board and each size also has a recommended weight range, although the range is not too restrictive.  The 152 recommends riders to be at least 60 pounds while the 159 Wide suggests 80 pounds plus.

Skate Banana BTX

This is the board that started the reverse camber revolution and it is an excellent choice if you are looking to get your first rocker.  It is priced at $489, so it is definitely not a low end board, but it is a solid investment that won’t break the bank.

Eternal Snowboard team rider Alice Gong says this about the Skate Banana:

“This is one of the most fun snowboards I have ever ridden!!! My first day on onw was a 6 inch dust on crust day but on the skate banana I just floated. And the magna-traction holds an edge on anything. I was stunned! Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to ride a 156(I usually ride 148-150s in the park) on a chest deep pow day and decided it is the ultimate powder board! The banana profile makes it super easy to control, feeling like a shorter board while still giving you all the stability of the actual length. Get this ride, you’ll love it!”

All Lib Tech boards are hand crafted in the USA, near Canada, and utilize the most environmentally friendly methods available.  Lib Tech Snowboards come with a 1 year warranty against manufacture defects.