2013 Lib Tech Snowboards: TRS- Total Ripper Series C2BTX


If you have been following Lib Tech riders like Eric Jackson or Sammy Luebke, then you know that they destroy the mountain and are total rippers on the Total Ripper Series from Lib Tech Snowboards. Utilizing the C2 Power Banana/Camber Combo tech, the TRS is the choice for veterans and pros that need extra power, float and reliability in critical lines.

TRS Stealth C2BTX

The TRS is not for the beginner, especially at $560.  Winner of the 2013 Transworld Snowboarding’s Goodwood award, the TRS is for the Total Ripper.  The C2BTX profile gives the TRS a solid amount of pressure and stability from nose to tail, and makes the board very responsive.  Combine that with Magne-Traction, and the TRS is beast in the crud, hard pack and everywhere else on the mountain.  The TRS is a bit stiffer in flex (5 – 7 of 10) and is not specifically a jib board; it will handle rails and boxes, but would prefer to air over them with a little tail tap.  Basalt is the secret ingredient that is mixed with the fiberglass to keep the TRS snappy.  Landing switching is no problem with the twin geometry, and the TNT base is extra durable and fast without needing a lot of attention.


The graphics this year are amazing!  Carl Smith has captured the flight and fear of the shred with his psychedelic skulls and moths.  There is also a toned down stealth version for those wanting a top sheet a bit more low key.   Either way, the TRS looks just as good as it rides.

As mentioned before, the TRS is not recommended for the rider that is just starting out.  It is kind of like buying a Ferrari for the kid that just got a drivers license.  But for the rider that already has a few years under his belt, this board will definitely get him on the fast track to shred-tastical greatness.