Anon M1 Goggles

This season I got myself a fresh pair of Anon M1 Goggles in Chocolate with Green Solex Lens. Out of all the speed lens change systems out in the market these days, I consider the Anon M1’s to be one of my top three when it comes to the overall function and ease of the speed lens change systems. Being able to change your lens when you have them on your face is a convenience that few people need but then again so many of us have smart phones.

Hank wears Anon

Fit: The triple layer foam has been molding nicely to the shape of my face.  Considering that I have that Asian nose, it was a nice surprise.  No gaps near or around my nose and no wind sneaking in from an unknown gap.

Lens: These being my first spherical shaped lens goggles, I can’t believe I lived with the flat lenses for so long.  Less distortion, less eye strain and less warping as the lens gets more used. Plus Anon lenses are injected rather than stamped, which pretty much equates to them not be so distorted when it comes to the overall vision while looking through them. I also love that Anon has so many replacement lens options and give such great detail when it comes to which lens does what not only in weather conditions but also for different types of terrain.

Anon M1 Chocolate

Performance: We have had every condition imaginable already here in Tahoe this season.  I have had no fogging lens issues on any of those days, even on the tropical rainy storm days.  The most important thing after having the perfect fitting boot, oh and safety first with the helmet is your vision.  These goggles have fit the mark on everything I wanted in a pair of goggles which are quick lens change, wide range of replacement lens options with great detail and information for a smart and confident purchase, great fit on my awkward nose, spherical lens, helmet compatible. I would recommend these to small to medium sized faces only base on size of frame.

If you rock a helmet and that helmet happens to be a RED helmet, the fit with your goggles are going to be seamless. I believe next season they are combining the two companies into one and calling it A2?