Girls skateboarding gear

The skate world is highly populated by men, but that doesn’t mean that the girls can’t shred it with the best of them. The record for the youngest X Games medalist was just set by a girl and females have been rocking the competition circuit for years now. With an impressive crew of female skaters, more and more quality gear has been made to match the quality of the riders. Finding the right gear can still take some digging, but there are plenty of boards, shoes and helmets that have a touch of femininity now.

While girls don’t need special boards, the graphics on boards have typically been geared towards male riders. There’s nothing wrong with wanting something different, so thankfully many skate companies have begun changing up their designs to suit a variety of personality types and style preferences. Grab the best board and the best shoes to keep you comfortable during long days at the park.

Ride in style with some gear that will appeal to female riders.


  • Etnies Perry Mid. The comfortable skate shoes have both color and class. With houndstooth fabric and bright accents, these shoes will never go out of style. They have plenty of support and ventilation to keep your feet comfortable on the course.
  • Vans Womens Chukka Low. These classic Vans are cushioned and flexible, keeping your feet happy kick flip after kick flip.

·       Globe Bodhi Longboard Complete. The colorful teal, orange and white waves of the Globe Bodhi are fun and trendy.

·       Organika Native Leaves. If you love the cool weather and the earth tones of fall, this deck is perfect for you. The bright orange leaf pattern is an ideal background for the chic Organika logo.

·       Element Night Owl. If you like a graphic over a pattern, go for something like the Nyjah Huston designed Element board. Owl graphics are showing up in fashion pieces around the world and this deck adds a pop of color to give it even more personality.