How to tune your skateboard wheels

After heavy use, wheels can start to wear unevenly causing flat spots and bumps for a rough ride. Your board won’t be able to perform at its best ability and can throw off your balance. If your ride is being affected by old wheels, it may be time to replace them. It is an easy switch and can be done in a matter of minutes with the right tools. If you don’t have a skate key or bearing puller, stop by your local skate shop and pick one up. They’re inexpensive and are a handy tool to have.

Once you have everything you need to switch your wheels out, get down to business with five easy steps:

  1. Remove the old wheels by unscrewing the nut from each side of the axels with an adjustable wrench or a skate key. Set the nuts aside for when you put the new wheels on.
  2. Remove the bearings from your old wheels if you plan on reusing them. If your skate key has a removal nub, you can use that to remove the bearing; otherwise you’ll have to get a bearing puller. Be careful to only apply pressure on the edges, not the shield, to protect the bearings.
  3. Clean the axels and bearings when you’ve got them exposed.
  4. Insert the bearings into your new wheels the same way you removed them.
  5. Once the bearings are back in, place the new wheels on the axels and secure the nuts back on. Adjust the tightness until you have the right amount of play in the wheels and take your new wheels out for a test run.

Once you’ve replaced your board’s wheels a few times, the routine will become second nature and you’ll never be at a loss when your wheels start to hinder your ride. Find everything you need to change out wheels at Eternal’s new skateboard shop.