Stay safe while longboarding

Longboarding is becoming increasingly popular. Kids are riding longboards to school and adults are cruising around town. The laid-back style of longboarding has reached outside the typical skateboarding demographic and more people are beginning to learn. As with any new skill, it is important to put safety precautions first. As you practice and become more skilled at longboarding you may feel confident enough to shed some safety gear, but start off with a high level of protection. After all, you’ll be forced to take a break from your new hobby if you break your wrist the first day you hop on a board.

Depending on your riding style, the amount of protective gear you wear can vary. If you’re just cruising around the neighborhood, you probably don’t need to be decked out from head to toe. But if you’re hitting the hills at high speed, you’ll want as much protection as possible. Here are a few things you may want to invest in to stay safe while longboarding:

  • Helmet. No matter how experienced a rider you are, you should always wear a helmet. Just because you know how to control your board doesn’t mean you can always avoid a collision with another boarder or even a car.
  • Wrist guards. When you’re learning to board you will likely fall a couple of times. Instinctively catching yourself may protect other areas of your body but it is tough on the wrists. Guards will help to protect and support them.
  • Knee and elbow pads. When you don’t brace yourself with your wrists, chances are either your knees or elbows will take the first blow.
  • Gloves. Once you start traveling at higher speeds, you may want to invest in a pair of gloves to protect your hands from road burn.

You’ll be able to ride with a little more confidence and learn more quickly if you know you won’t get injured when you take a spill. Wearing gear (especially a helmet) is vital but the best safety measure is to remain aware of your surroundings and check your speed until you’ve mastered complete control over the board. Find a good selection of longboards and safety gear at Eternal’s all new skate shop.