Summer snowboarding alternatives

Glynn Osburn Tail

While the majority of people are impatiently anticipating the arrival long days of summer, do you find yourself mourning the loss of all the fresh powder on your favorite mountain? Your snowboarding days may be over for the season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the summer.

Stay in shape during the off season so you’re ready to strap in with the first signs of snow. Sure you could hit the gym every day and lift weights to build up your strength, but when the sun is shining you don’t want to hide away in a cavernous gym. Any workout that targets you core and legs will be prime conditioning. Boarding requires strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and balance, so look for activities that do the same. Find some trails and go for a hike or mountain biking. You’ll work in your cardio and all the hills and rough terrain will build up your legs and glutes. You could always try your luck with skateboarding, wakeboarding or even mountain boarding, if it’s available near you.

If you’re really itching to hit the slopes, take an unconventional summer vacation and find some snow. If you want to stay in the U.S., make your way to Timberline Lodge and Ski Area in Mt. Hood, Oregon. This resort boasts year-round snow and excellent slopes. British Columbia also offers some great summer riding at Blackcomb Glacier. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, jump down to the southern hemisphere and visit the mountains in Chile, Argentina or New Zealand. Just don’t forget to pack some sunscreen whatever you choose to do.