The technology behind skateboard bearings

Ever find your smooth ride abruptly stopped, throwing you off your board? If it wasn’t a crack in the road, chances are you haven’t kept your bearings clean and they’ve locked up. Bearings provide you a smooth ride and prevent any excessive wear to your wheels and axels.

Bearings allow for the wheel to roll around the axel with reduced friction. Small metal balls take on the load of the friction, allowing for the wheel to spin smoothly without grinding. These little metal rings are placed on the axels and in the wheels and are generally made from steel or ceramic.

To maintain their proper function, bearings should be cleaned and lubricated. When bearings are dirty, they may become noisy or unable to spin freely when you slick the wheel. Not only will dirty bearings affect the quality of your ride, they can freeze up causing you to fall.

To keep your bearings in prime condition you can either clean them or replace them. Finding replacements are easy, and most boards are made for a standard bearing size. They are pretty inexpensive and many riders find it more convenient to just replace them. But if you choose to clean your board’s bearings, agitate them in a cleaning solution and dry completely. You can even use compressed air to ensure that there is no water left inside the bearings. You can also add a bearing lubricant, but only apply it to clean bearings, as adding lubricant will only allow dirt to spread deeper into the bearings.

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