DIY custom skate decks

If you want to showcase your creativity, a custom skate deck may sound like a cool way to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of skate companies that will work with you to create a custom board, but a custom skate deck definitely sounds like it would take a decent chunk out of your wallet, right? You’ll be happy to know creating your own board isn’t difficult if you go through a DIY customization retailer, and surprisingly you can find some retailers that will do the job for cheap. Pick your board and then you can add whatever images and text you desire. The only drawback is the limitation of board quality. Finding a high quality blank board may be difficult.

If you’d rather save the cash and be more hands-on, you can customize your own deck without the screen printing or fancy equipment. You can simply purchase a blank deck, a minimalistic one, or even revamp your old board, and add your own artwork. Many skaters choose to outfit their boards with stickers, but take it up a level and use grip tape to give it some personality. You can create cut-out designs on the tape with a utility knife or rotate decorative grip tape along the board. If you’re feeling like the next Picasso, you can always paint directly on the deck for a truly unique board. It can be as simple as doodles with permanent marker, or as intricate as taking a brush and acrylic or oil paint to a blank deck. To ensure that you can actually ride your board without worrying about your prized artwork fading, cover it in a wood varnish after you’ve completed the masterpiece.

Whatever method you choose, creating a one-of-a-kind board isn’t only a great way to showcase your skills; it’s an easy way to make your board stand out at the park.

Of course if don’t have the time, energy or creativity to make up a custom skate deck you can always stop by you local skate shop.