Gear guide: What to bring to summer fests

Fest season is the highlight of the year for many. With day long competitions, showcases and expos – it’s a skaters dream. But don’t show up empty handed, with a daylong festival you’ll have to be prepared for what is going to be thrown your way. Before setting out, make sure you’ve got the right gear.

Remember to bring:

  • Water. Lots of water. Spending all day outside in the summer can get pretty hot – especially if you’re skating. Keep hydrated all day long. Bring a reusable water bottle so you don’t have to shell out for bottled water and do your part to keep the world a little greener.
  • Hat. Under that midsummer sun you’ll definitely want some protection from it. Cover your face to keep cool – and add some style – with a hat. Choose from a wide selection of hats at Eternal.
  • Sunglasses. You have to keep style in mind just as much as functionality. If the sun is glaring, a hat might not be enough to get the best view of the park. Add some hip shades.
  • Backpack. If you plan on spending the day at a fest you may want to bring a backpack to tote around all the stuff you’ll be carrying. Just make sure that the fest policy allows backpacks before you leave for the day.
  • Comfortable shoes. Make sure your skate shoes are just as comfortable for walking as they are for riding. You most likely won’t be doing much sitting around.

If you’re allowed to ride the course after the pros are finished, or if there is an open course for attendees, don’t forget to bring your board. You might not have another chance to ride that type of course, and you never know whose eye you’ll catch with that trick you’ve been mastering this summer.