How to best capture action: GoPro

Ever find yourself watching skate video after skate video wishing you could make your own? Getting a different perspective on your daily rides is inspiring and can make you a better skater. And why not spend your down time editing, mixing and mashing clips for your own video?. Viral videos are making a big splash so you never know whose hands your video could fall into. Making a video is a fun way to pass the time and you never know whose hands the video may fall in to.eyes may see the video – it might make you the next star.

If you want to immortalize a ride on one of your favorite parks or just want to run through a ride again to see why you just can’t seem to stick that one landing, recording your ride may be the answer. You don’t have to fumble around with high-tech video equipment to make your ride memorable. The GoPro camera has captured many riders from a wide variety of extreme sports doing what they love. The high quality, durability and functionality of the cameras make them ideal for capturing video on the go.

While holding a camera certainly isn’t an option to capture your ride, you can’t get the intriguing angles from a buddy recording you off to the side. Mounting a camera for hands-free videography is the way to go. The wide lens and the durability of a GoPro camera make it an ideal candidate for filming your next ride. You can mount a GoPro on your deck – looking back at your stance or forward, looking under the board at the wheels, on your hat or on the edge of a bowl or rail. Mix angles to make a professional quality film that you can star in. The quality of picture that you can capture with the GoPro is impressive for such a tiny camera.