Influencers in the skate world who are shaping the industry

Skateboarding is a sport that always has fresh faces breaking into the scene. With so many young new faces, there is always room for innovation and the creativity is endless. The risk takers and thrill seekers are constantly setting new standards, and while it is still a male dominated sport, woman and girls are edging in with impressive feats – like the youngest skater to win an X Games medal at age 12, Alana Smith. ESPN announced its top 10 influencers in the skate world of at the start of 2013.

These guys made the list:

  • Jonathan Mehring. Mehring is the king of adventure skating. Making for remarkable photos, he has skated some of the most remote and geographically interesting terrains like the Amazon River and mountain roads of Kazakhstan.
  • Justin Figueroa. Topping Thrasher magazine for 2012, Figueroa, also known as Figgy, is a fearless fast skater.
  • Grant Taylor. Taylor is the son of former pro Thomas Taylor, so you know he has it in his blood. He took the Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year award in 2011 and is leading his generation in skill.
  • Njyah Huston. A Street League Skate champion, as of May 2013 Huston has won more prize money in competitions than any other skater to date.
  • Dylan Rieder. Rieder is starting to become the poster boy for skating. His talent and style set him apart and has gotten a lot of attention through riding for Rob Dyrdek’s Alien Workshop.
  • Ty Evans. One of the most epic skate filmmakers, Evans has even worked with Spike Jonze. He also lays claim to the best selling skate video of all time: “Pretty Sweet” for Girl and Chocolate.
  • Steve Berra. Skater Berra teamed up with Eric Koston to created The Berrics, a site devoted to the latest trends and happenings in the skate world.
  • Patrick O’Dell. Skate photographer O’Dell featured his video documentaries on VICE and garnered a lot of attention. The documentary “Epicly Later’d” showcased the inside life of the teenage skate superstars. O’Dell gives insiders and outsider an equally authentic look into the skate world through his lens.
  • Austyn Gillette. One of the newer faces on the scene (he went pro in 2011), Gillette is recognized for his innovative tricks that always keep people guessing.
  • Guy Mariano. While Mariano isn’t on the board as much as he was in the 1990s, he left a big impact with his skate videos and impressive skate style.