How to prep your snowboard for the season

When the season starts to hang in that sweet spot between fall and winter, you will want to start getting your board mountain-ready. If you didn’t get your board tuned up at the end of the last season, it will in need of a little TLC. When the slopes open up you don’t want to be the last one out there because you didn’t prep for the upcoming season in your downtime. The season only lasts for so long, so don’t waste any time doing things you could have completed in the off-season.  Get your gear together and prep it while you have time to kill.

Once you’re ready to prep your gear, check your board. Any major fixes to it will probably take the longest, so it’s best to start big. Check the bottom of your board for any dents or scratches. If you find any imperfections you’ll want to resurface the bottom. Riding with a bunch of dings on your board will slow down your ride and affect its performance. You can bring your board in to a local shop if you don’t have the tools or experience with resurfacing a board. Don’t try to refinish the base if you have no idea what you’re doing – you could end up further damaging the board. The rest of the tuning you can easily do at home with a tuning kit and save some cash.

Once you know your board is good to go – and all the binding are secured in – you can check the rest of your gear. Make sure any holes in your outerwear are patched and your helmet is up to par. After everything is in order you can start stocking up on all different kinds of snowboard wax. You’ll want to wait to wax your board until right before you hit the slopes so you know what type of snow you’ll be facing. But whatever falls, you’re sure to be ready for it.