Shaun White Private Pipe

Shaun White’s private training mountain: will he be using it again this year?

In previous years, pro-rider Shaun White had his own private mountain to practice on. Holding the X-Games record for gold medals and taking home two gold medals for the U.S. Olympic team, White is no stranger to working hard to be the best he can be.

Shaun White Private Pipe

In 2009, Red Bull built White his own private training mountain to practice on. The secret “Project X,” as they referred to it, was built on Silverton Mountain. After setting impressive records and showing his amazing skills, Red Bull knew that this was an investment worth making. White always has a new trick up his sleeve when he hits the slopes and he is always aiming to impress. With the hard work and determination White puts in to his competitions, it is no wonder he has a laundry list of athletic achievements in both skating and boarding.

At the facility in Silverton, White was able to polish a double-back rodeo, a front double-cork 10, a switchback 9 and a Cab double-cork 10. The ability to train on such an elaborate facility definitely gave White an advantage and he walked away with the gold medal in the 2010 winter Olympics and Winter X-Games.

But what does White have in store for 2014? Will he be teaming up with a sponsor to build another secret project to begin training for another gold in Sochi, Russia?

The Winter Games are coming quickly and the tricks that White typically pulls out require a lot of fine tuning and preparation. This skater/snowboarder knows how to do it right and we will be keeping our eyes on him in the months preceding the 2014 Winter Games. He’s always good for a surprise.