The must-ride skate parks of the world

If you’re sick of riding the same local parks day after day, or just need a vacation, check out a few of the world’s best skate parks. You can quench your wanderlust and need to skate all in one trip by visiting one of these destinations. Whether you’re craving the ocean and sunshine of the Cayman Islands, or the rich history and culture of China – there’s a park out there that you must ride.

  1. Micropolis in Helsinki, Finland. This park is as much a visually appealing piece of architecture as it is a skate park. Built to blend with the design of the city, many passers-by don’t even realize that it’s a park. Designed by architect and professional skater Janne Sarrio, this park is located in downtown Helsinki and has won many design awards.
  2. SMP in Shanghai, China. The SMP brand has created a mammoth park that hosts the Shanghai Showdown Gravity Games. The park, designed by Darren White, has a specific competition area, separate from the many bowls, vert ramps, stairs and street plaza areas.
  3. Stoke Plaza in Stoke-on-Trent, U.K. This street-style park is the largest in Europe and draws riders from across many countries. Unlike many major skating attractions, this park is free to ride. With plenty of ledges, banks, steps, handrails and quarterpipes, this park can certainly fill its own shoes.
  4. Black Pearl in Grand Harbor, Cayman Islands. This is the biggest park in the Western Hemisphere and second largest in the world. Grab a surfboard and ride some waves during the day to beat the summer heat and hit the park at night. With a beautiful backdrop, all skaters, from beginners to pros, can stay entertained at this park for days.
  5. Lincoln City in Oregon. This park is like five in one and Thrasher Magazine even called it “The Gnarliest Skatepark in the World.” Dreamland Skateparks continued adding on to this park to offer variety and challenge to any skater who enters.