Skating the LA marathon

A paralyzed man, Jesse Swalley, is planning to complete the LA Marathon in March 2014. While his left leg is completely paralyzed, he will not let that deter him from completing those 26.2 miles. The 51-year-old man used to enjoy running, but after his spinal cord was cut when he was trying to prevent two men from robbing another man, he was left partially paralyzed.

He now uses his arms to push himself along on a skateboard. While the LA Marathon officials have not made a ruling on whether Swalley will be allowed to compete in the upcoming race, he is determined to continue training. The main concern of officials is safety. They generally only allow racers on foot or approved aids. Officials initially told him that the race is governed by USA Track & Field (USATF), which only allows USATF-approved racing wheelchairs and hand-crank cycles.

Swalley uses shoe-like gloves to protect his hands while he is propelling himself down the street. He is no stranger to long distances. He completed a 22 mile all-skate marathon in San Diego last year. He will continue training and inspiring others to stay active despite any hardships that come their way.