Tony Hawk Foundation builds up skating in Detroit

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk recently made a record donation to a city in dire need of a silver lining. The Tony Hawk Foundation has never before given such a large donation to one particular location. The foundation gave $30,000 to help build a skate oasis at Ride It Sculpture Park. The Tony Hawk Foundation was established in 2002 to help fund high-quality public skateparks in low-income areas throughout the United States. The foundation has contributed more than $4.4 million in skatepark projects since 2002.

The Ride It Sculpture Park was started in 2012 but it needed a little more capital than the creators had available. Hawk visited Detroit and saw that the park would be a great addition to a city needing its spirits lifted. The park sits on four vacant commercial lots along East Davison Freeway in Detroit and an adjacent vacant house that will serve as a mini-indoor park and lodging for visiting skateboarders and artists. The combination of art and skateboarding is not new, but the park in Detroit hopes to offer a unique lure to a neighborhood where many people are leaving. With a place to draw creative minds and active bodies, the Tony Hawk Foundation hopes that this will bring a silver lining to the neighborhood.

Hawk wanted kids to have a safe place where they are encouraged to do what they enjoy. With no place to ride, kids get scolded for skating on private property or in other public areas. With a safe place dedicated to skateboarders, the foundation hopes that kids will be able to enjoy their ride time and community members will appreciate the dedicated area.