Top 5 world snowboarding destinations

If you’ve got money burning through your pocket or your wanderlust is getting the best of you, maybe you and your board should take a vacation. There are amazing places to ride all across the world, but if you’re looking to make a vacation out of it, why not go somewhere new and exciting where your nights on the town will be just as fulfilling as the days on the slopes.

Here is a wide array of snowboarding destinations where you will be anything but bored. Pack your suitcase and your board and get ready for an adventure chock full of plenty of ride time on some amazing slopes and parks.

  1. Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia. This resort is less of a trek, but offers unbeatable riding. With breathtaking backcountry riding and amazing parks and pipes, this place has it all. From bowls and powder to the largest vertical drop of any resort worldwide, you will be planning to make a yearly pilgrimage to this spot when it’s time for you to leave.
  2. Hokkaido, Japan. Japan may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of the perfect boarding weather, but this northernmost island has constantly falling powder. If Japanese riders like Ayumu Hirano – who is blowing the world away in Olympic qualifiers – are any indication of the quality of riders the slopes produce, it’s surprising that more riders aren’t flocking there.
  3. Verbier, Switzerland. The mountains of Verbier are definitely black diamond. After a fresh snow, there are plenty of gullies and natural features that will keep your ride interesting. The steep mountains are thrilling to ride and in such a small country, there are plenty of opportunities to check out other parks. Nendaz is nearby for easier riding for beginners or for practicing switch riding.
  4. Wanaka, New Zealand. As with all these destinations, the backdrop for your ride is half the allure. The resorts in New Zealand are impeccable and treeless for a stunning view. There are a mix of resorts and private club fields across the country, so try them both out while you are there.
  5. Valle Nevado, Chile.  If you want to hit up South America, try riding the Chilean mountains. As one of the three largest ski areas in the Southern Hemisphere, this resort is famous for its powder and heliskiing. Tres Puntas Summit stands at 12,045 feet, so you can really savor the ride down.