Which foot forward?

If you’re hitting the slopes for the first time on a snowboard, you will need to know a few things before you start zipping down the bunny hill. Although it may help to take a few lessons, you will need to know a little bit about boarding before you even lace up your boots.

What foot forward you ride will affect the setup of your gear. If you skate or surf, you will already know what foot forward you are. If not, have a friend give you a shove from behind. Whichever foot you instinctively put forward to catch yourself is your dominant foot and the one you will want to put forward. Left foot forward is called “regular” and right foot forward is “goofy.” Determining your stance gets more complicated the more you ride. You can fine tune your stance based on what feels right after each ride and adjust the distance, angles, or even which foot forward you are (some riders switch it up).

Not only will you need to determine what foot forward you are, you have to decide what angles your feet will be at for maximum comfort. Typically, riders have no fluctuation in the back foot and between 12 and 21 degrees on the front foot. If it’s your first time riding, chances are you won’t be bringing your own board to the slopes. The rental attendants will be able to adjust your board to the right angles based on your experience level and what you tell them. Your feet should be a little further than shoulder width apart, but if your stance doesn’t feel natural, have an attendant adjust the bindings or pick a new board for you.