How to waterproof your snowboard gear

If your old coat, snowboard pants or even gloves have seen their fair share of rides, they may be in need of a little TLC.  Although you could trade out your old gear for a whole new set for the new season, some riders like to stick with their loyal staples that they know work well. After making a connection with your duds, you don’t want to toss them aside at the first sign of soaking up a little moisture. If your gear starts to lose its waterproofing, you can easily re-waterproof it for a more sustainable – and cheaper – alternative to buying a new wardrobe. You can even waterproof your new gear to help extend its life while you’re busy wearing it in.

Before you waterproof whatever article of clothing you want, you will have to wash it first so the solution can permeate the clothing and you won’t be waterproofing in any stains or gunk. There are even waterproofing products that you can throw in the wash with your items on a normal cycle. To apply water proofing products by hand you can either use a sponge or spray the product directly onto the fabric. Be sure to use a product designed for the intended item. There will be different products for leather, down, shells and gloves.

After you have followed the instructions for the specific product you used, you may want to add extra waterproof protection to seams and zippers for good measure. Be sure that your gear is completely dry before you take it out to hit the slopes again and test out its new waterproofing abilities.