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Anon M1 Goggles

This season I got myself a fresh pair of Anon M1 Goggles in Chocolate with Green Solex Lens. Out of all the speed lens change systems out in the market these days, I consider the Anon M1’s to be one of my top three when it comes to the overall function and ease of the speed lens change systems. Being able to change your lens when you have them on your face is a convenience that few people need but then again so many of us have smart phones.

Hank wears Anon

Fit: The triple layer foam has been molding nicely to the shape of my face.  Considering that I have that Asian nose, it was a nice surprise.  No gaps near or around my nose and no wind sneaking in from an unknown gap.

Lens: These being my first spherical shaped lens goggles, I can’t believe I lived with the flat lenses for so long.  Less distortion, less eye strain and less warping as the lens gets more used. Plus Anon lenses are injected rather than stamped, which pretty much equates to them not be so distorted when it comes to the overall vision while looking through them. I also love that Anon has so many replacement lens options and give such great detail when it comes to which lens does what not only in weather conditions but also for different types of terrain.

Anon M1 Chocolate

Performance: We have had every condition imaginable already here in Tahoe this season.  I have had no fogging lens issues on any of those days, even on the tropical rainy storm days.  The most important thing after having the perfect fitting boot, oh and safety first with the helmet is your vision.  These goggles have fit the mark on everything I wanted in a pair of goggles which are quick lens change, wide range of replacement lens options with great detail and information for a smart and confident purchase, great fit on my awkward nose, spherical lens, helmet compatible. I would recommend these to small to medium sized faces only base on size of frame.

If you rock a helmet and that helmet happens to be a RED helmet, the fit with your goggles are going to be seamless. I believe next season they are combining the two companies into one and calling it A2?


Hank Wears 32 Lashed

Bataleon Global Warmer 2013

Here is a little background about me. My name is Hank I have been snowboarding for 14 years.  I weigh 140 pounds and 5’10 inches tall. With size 8.5 boots.  I consider myself to be freestyle orientated rider regardless of terrain.  Safe to say I was not looking for a wide specific board but wanted a decent waist width to work with.  In love with riding powder on a reverse camber board but those powder days are too far and few in between.  Looking for a true twin board and I don’t want to have multiple boards for powder days and another one for jibbing. The main thing I want back is height on jumping which is lacking regardless what they put in a reverse camber. Still like to go fast everywhere and get that last bit of powder in the trees too. Board should perform forgivingly for smooth progression in the park.

This season I am rocking a Bataleon Global Warmer 151cm. I got everything I wanted and more when I decided on this snowboard.  Don’t know if this is true or not but I read somewhere that TBT (triple base technology) was designed by a biophysicist.  Having studied biophysics and biomechanics when becoming a certified snowboard instructor, learning that a biophysicist was behind the design, gave me a sense of dependability on the design and reassurance on trying something new.  TBT really works and it does everything Bataleon said it will do.

Bataleon Global Warmer

This board turns spins and floats like a reverse camber board, yet has the energy, pop and stability of a camber board.  Still allows me to not worry so much on those spins off of jibs when I don’t quite make the rotation.    Just like a reverse camber, it helps you stay centered and makes it almost impossible to catch your edge.  The best part is that it gave me back stored energy from the camber which equates to more pop for less work.

Having a 3 tier flex pattern also gave me an advantage.  It initiates every turn with little to no effort, regardless of terrain, due to the lifted effective edge and the tip and tail is tad bit softer having a flex rating of 3 while the middle has a bit stiffer rating of 4. With the carbon stringers running the length of the board, the board still managed to rip through any chunked up left over powder.  The biax laminate also helps in that it takes little movement to initiate those quick turns through the trees or setting up for that next park feature.  Don’t get me wrong, this is no wiggle stick.  The finely tuned specs of the TBT still allows you to engage a mean edge hold as soon as you have the slightest edge angle with less energy wasted on trying to bend your board.  Makes traversing that much easier and climbing pipe walls less strenuous.

The Bataleon Global Warmer Snowboard is a prime choice if you want that playful freestyle feel all over the mountain yet have a board that is ready to get serious on any feature or terrain when you want to.

Hank Wears 32 Lashed

ThirtyTwo Lashed Boots Bilocq

I have 13 days in the ThirtyTwo Lashed Boot so far this season and they still feel new every time I put them on.  I have older Lased models that went 100 plus days and I didn’t even complain one bit. This is my fifth season riding the 32 Lashed boots and I can’t believe they make improvements to them every year.  Just when I think that you can’t make a better boot, ThirtyTwo always thinks of something.  It’s like not listening to that old adage “don’t fix something that’s not broken” 32 continues to impress me every season with their upgrades and innovations.


The ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boots are a bit smaller than previous seasons due to the new one to one lasting for this season.  However, not enough to change the sizing if you have previously rode these boots before.  I do have custom foot beds in these boots due to my somewhat of a high arch on my feet. So if you consider yourself to have mid to high arches, then sticking with the same size with some custom foot beds is recommended.  The level 2 foot beds are great in a way that you will never bruise your heel due to the smart horse shoe shape and the shear comfort level due to there almost gel like material that they are made from. The ThirtyTwo Lashed are one of the best boots if you want to avoid the break in period yet still want longevity out of the purchase price.  The Intuition liners are heat moldable so they feel like they get more comfortable the more I use them.  On a day to day basis, the boots seems to start to give my feet a warm hug and starts to fill in on all the right places.   One of only few boots that I have rode that starts to get even more comfortable before they start breaking in and then down. The Lashed Boot is a great starting point before trying on any other boots.

2013 ThirtyTwo Lashed Bilocq


Since I like to ride the whole mountain, as in start with some warm up runs then head to the park for the middle part of the day and back to free riding, having a medium flex boots, accommodates all my riding preferences.  The boots are sturdy enough to have quick response in the trees and have sufficient support to even make genuine euro carve turns down some steeps and cords. The boots have plenty of lateral give to tweak all my presses and grabs through the park.  The 3D molded tongue gives plenty of support when you really want to get low in an almost prone position and response back with forgiving and predictable spring back on the way up. The STI evolution foam and sole gives great traction when hiking around and provides great board feel without sacrificing warmth.     I could not even wear socks with these boots and be just fine.  Not that I recommend that.  The STI evolution foam also makes the boots even lighter than previous years. Less it more when it comes to the weight we carry around when it comes to snowboarding.