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Volcom Looks Back and Forth through 20 years as the First “Board” Brand

Surf, skate and snow.  Volcom does it all, but not everyone knows that Volcom started as a snowboard outerwear company by surfers and skaters who were not satisfied with the choices in the early 90s.  Now Volcom Brand Jeans, Volcom outerwear and Volcom surf are staples in core shops around the world.  To celebrate 20 years of the stone, Volcom has a new film coming out titled “True To This.”  Check out this making-of preview.

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Lib Tech Tech: Camber Profiles: C3BTX

C3BTX- Camber Dominant Banana is Lib Tech Snowboards newest formulation of banana has what they are calling trapezoidal camber.  The nose and tail have a little more camber and actually sit a bit lower than the rocker middle of the board.  This allows for the maximum amount of pressure to be transferred to the tip and tail for super power, full length stability, pop and extra control in critical situations.   Currently only available in the Jamie Lynn Classic, this board will excel in any condition and also comes  in a wide version.

Lib Tech Tech: Camber Profiles Enhanced Banana

Lib Tech BTX Enhanced Banana.  This profile is Lib Tech‘s highest rocker between the feet and has a slight camber after.  Magical numerical formulas are used to find the perfect blend of rocker and camber to create superior float in powder, catch free freestyle and end to end stability.  Found on the Banana Magic HP, !BTX! is great in all conditions, particularly in ice, carving and pow.  This is a great board for any rider who wants a sports car like feel under foot.

Lib Tech Tech: Camber Profiles

Camber Profiles:   Lib Tech snowboards come with a few different camber profiles.  Camber is the property of the board when it on a flat surface.  Traditional camber will have a rise or arch in the center of the board, with the nose and tail touching the surface, creating the shape of an arch.    Reverse camber or rocker is pretty much the opposite of camber.  The nose and tail of the board rise above the ground while the middle of the board is touching, making a very open “U” shape.   There is also flat camber, which is where the board will be flat when on the ground.  The Lib Tech and Gnu line ups use a blend of these cambers to create board profiles that are engineered, prototyped and tested to find the perfect blend for various riding styles. All of the new  Lib Tech boards have a rocker or “banana” profile.  The banana helps keep the optimum amount of pressure between the rider’s feet allowing for maximum control.