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2013 Roxy Ollie Pop C2BTX Women’s Snowboard

Roxy Ollie Pop

Since moving production over to the Mervin Manufacturing plant, Roxy Snowboards have really made a name for themselves as a premier choice for the female ripper.  The Roxy Ollie Pop C2BTX is a prime example of how Quiksilver’s little sister has earned her shred cred.

Roxy Ollie Pop C2BTX

My wife rides the Ollie Pop.  Her best friend rides the Ollie Pop.  And while I still have to work to pay the bills, she loves it and so does her best friend and pretty much every lady that I have talked to who rides the Roxy Ollie Pop.  This snowboard floats in powder, carves through crud, is just a lot of fun to ride.  Built with the park-girl in mind, the Ollie Pop has the thumbs-up from team rider Erin Comstock as her all time favorite board.   Plus there are sparkles in the bio beans plastic top sheet.

Featuring C2BTX and Magne-Traction, the Ollie Pop is made in the USA with the most environmentally conscious methods available.    C2BTX is the hybrid power banana that blands the float and fun of rocker with the power, stability of camber. Magen-Traction boosts confidence and self esteem by keeping the rider in control even during icy conditions.  The Envi Alloy core is light and strong; this board is slightly stiffer than the usual ladies ride at 4.5 out of 10.  All that adds up to a great ride that will lay it down in any condition, but wants to show off in the park.

Designed specifically for women, all Roxy snowboards are designed to work with the female rider.  Guys and girls are built differently, and our snowboards should be as well. Check out Erin Comstock in the video below riding the Roxy Ollie Pop C2BTX.

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think of the Roxy Ollie Pop C2BTX?  Leave us your comment or review below.

2013 Union Force Bindings

Union Force Binding Black

In case you haven’t heard, Union Bindings are pretty good and the Union Force Binding is the go to binding for riders looking for a durable, responsive, versatile and comfortable snowboard binding.  Priced at $200,  the Force is the # 1 selling binding in the Union line up, and for good reason.

Union Force GreenFrom Pros to weekend warriors, the Force has what every rider needs in a binding.  With a lifetime warranty on the Dupont Zytel ST nylon base plate and extruded anodized aluminum heel hoop, Union guarantees its snowboard bindings will hold up to whatever riders can charge through, on or over.  EVA foam  bumpers on the base help dampen vibrations and the hallowed out portions on the bottom help the snowboard flex with the binding, not against it.

The multi-zone high back is designed for the free style rider that still wants to lay down some carves or get lost in the powder.  At the heel, the high-back wraps around the boot and provides stability and support needed for aggressive turning, but towards the top the high back flattens out and allows for flexibility needed on rails and super tweaked method grabs.  The tool-less forward lean adjustment also leaves one less thing to worry about.Union Force Binding Purple

The Union Force Bindings also have very adjustable straps that will fit almost any snowboard boot purchased in the last decade (if yours are more than 10 years old, you may want to check out some new snowboard boots).  The ankle strap has foam and air bubbles inside for a comfortable and secure fit over the boot.  There is a tool-less adjustment for the ankle length and the magnesium ratchets lock down nice and tight.  The toe strap is very versatile as there is about 90 degrees of adjustability to work with: put it over the foot, old school top strap style; move it forward for the “toe cap” fit; keep moving it till you find your own sweet spot.  These bindings will keep you strapped in all day.Union Force Binding Black

The workhorse of the Union Binding Company line up, the Force is an excellent choice for just about any rider.  It has a medium flex and may be a bit too aggressive for the absolute beginner, but any rider that is linking turns and looking to get into the park more will  appreciate this binding.  Many seasoned riders come into the shop specifically asking for this binding,  and it is a great choice for the all mountain ripper as well.  With so many colors to choose from, there is a Force binding out there for everyone.   Get a few friends to buy some with you, swap around straps, ratchets and high backs and have a binding custom colorway party!

Let us know what your favorite color is in the comments and give us your review of the Union Force Binding.

On a Mission for a new Backpack? Check out the Mission Backpack from Dakine.

Dakine Mission Backpack

Dakine Mission - NorthwestThe Mission Backpack is one of the most popular packs in Dakine’s line up.  It is available in several color-ways, and snowboarding pros Eric Jackson and Austin Smith even have their own signature versions.  Although designed with the rider in mind, the Mission offers a lot of features off the snow too.

For snowboarders, the Mission features reinforced vertical carry straps, a fleeced lined goggle pocket a padded waist belt and an excellent ergonomic fit.  The carry straps are lined with a heavy duty material that will keep the snowboard’s edges from shredding up the backpack.  The goggle pocket is padded as well and will keep the goggles protected and dry while hiking or taking the shuttle.

Dakine Mission - Eric Jackson

For the extra-long hikes to or from the parking lot, the waist belt helps distribute the weight of gear and cold ones.  All these features are brought together with  padded straps and mesh to make a very low profile and well-fitting backpack.

When not out on the slopes or hiking the back country, the Mission also has plenty of utility.  There is a padded laptop sleeve that will fit up to a 15” laptop, a separate organizer pocket and two additional fleeced lined side pockets to protect the hard earned Rolex.  The total storage volume is 25L or 1500 cubic inches, which will fit 3-4 normal sized text books and have room for a binder or two.  The Mission is a good choice for the student on the go that doesn’t have to carry a library with him, but wants room for a laptop, some notebooks and a few illustrated novels.

Dakine Mission - Palapa

The Mission is available for $70 and the Team Mission is $80.  Dakine backpacks come with a lifetime warranty.

2013 Burton Custom Snowboard

Burton Custom Snowboard

Burton Custom 154The 2013 Burton Custom snowboard maintains its high ollie bar standards that have made it the go to board for many a pro, am and weekend shred.  This year’s Custom is equipped with latest technology offered from Burton snowboards while maintaining its roots in snowboardings camber heritage.

Burton Custom 156

While many snowboards are floating on the reverse camber wave, the Custom is still available in good old camber, the way Nicolas Müller likes it.   What really makes this board amazing is that it will ride any where you want it too.  The Infinite Channel System allows the bindings to have an endless range of stance set ups, and is very easy to adjust.  Paired with an EST binding, these boards have the ultimate in board feel and control.  And the graphics are simple, like a dark blank canvas just waiting for all of your sponsor me stickers.

Burton Custom 158

There are lot of technical features that make this board an amazing ride as well.   Squeezebox construction creates a balance in the core of thick and thin, which transfers power from the nose and tail easily while maintaining a strong flex.  The Frostbite edges give a bit of extra bite when needed on the hard pack or ice.  The Superfly II core mixes stronger and softer woods to just the right areas to make extra pop and flex where needed.  The carbon “Lightning Bolts” shoot out from your feet to the edges of the board to increase response with out increasing stiffness.  Triax fiberglass also helps balance versatile flex and response.  The WFO sintered base is super fast and super durable.  Finally, Infinite Ride is a Burton exclusive factory break in technology that ensures that your new board will feel the same on day 1 as it does on day 101.

Burton Custom 160Burton Custom Wide 162The Burton Custom is not a beginner board, but is a good choice for the rider that has grown out of his starter package and is looking to get a setup that will take him to the next few levels.   While  really comfortable in the park, the Custom is not really designed for street sessions as it has a flex rating of 5, is set back 10mm and has a twin shape and flex.  The Custom is an all-terrain free-style board that will rip in pipe, pow or park.


Let us know what you think of the Custom in the comments and if you have one tell us where and how you like to ride it.

2013 Burton Emerald Women’s Snowboard Boot

Support, speed, response, comfort– the Burton Emerald women’s snowboard boot has all these things and more.  With a new liner and cuff, the Emerald snowboard boot has what the aggressive lady shred wants to get things done on the hill.

Burton Emerald Snowboard BootWith a feel rating of 5 of 10, the Burton Emerald is a boot that will support its rider in the gnarliest of conditions, but still be soft enough to put some finesse on rails.  Burton’s True Fit system ensures that this ladies’ boot responds to the ladies’ needs.  Total Comfort Construction also eliminates the break in period and the guess work of wondering if the boot will stay solid all season.

Burton Emerald Snowboard BootThe Emerald is a quick boot to put on, take off and adjust.  Instead of regular laces, the Emerald comes with Burton’s Speed Zone lacing system that gives true zonal control over how tight the fit is.  Winder handles let the rider make adjustments with or without gloves and stow away nicely in convenient side pockets.  Speed Zone is the fastest lacing system, according to Burton, but also features the same laces used by stunt men, rescue teams and firefighters.  Less time lacing means more time racing.

Burton Emerald LinerThere are a few key aspects of the Emerald that give it good response.  To translate the rider’s movements into the snowboards performance, the Emerald has the Imprint 2 heat moldable liner, the new Lock-Up Cuff and the Power Spine back-stay.  The Imprint 2 liner is moldable to the rider’s feet, has Velcro closures and lightweight power panels for a custom performance fit.   Also, the Lock-Up Cuff has a lower profile that brings the laces across the foot and ankle to provide the ultimate in heel-hold.  The Power Spine back-stay quickly transfers toe and heel pressure to the snowboard’s edges for added performance as well.

Burton Emerald Snowboard Boot SoleComfort is often a critical element compromised for the sake of performance, but with the Burton Emerald snowboard boots, no compromise is needed.   The heat moldable liner and Hot Pockets give a custom fit and extra heat if needed.  A lightweight 270º airbag keeps the feet cushioned for the ride.  To hold, support and fit your calf, the Plush Cuff stretches and contours to make it right.  Like all Burton products, the Emerald snowboard boot is designed from the floor up specifically for the female rider.

If you are looking for a boot that will take everything you can give, and then some, then the Burton Emerald is the way to go.

Let us know what you think about the Burton Emerald women’s snowboard boot by leaving some comments or reviews below.

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