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2013 Burton Bootique Women’s Snowboard Boot

The new Burton Bootique women’s snowboard boot has a quite a lot to offer for its mid-range price.  This is a great snowboard boot that the ladies will find supportive, comfortable and warm right out of the box and onto the slopes.   New innovations from Burton’s higher end boots have trickled down to the Bootique and make this boot a great value.

Burton Bootique Women's Snowboard BootThe Burton Bootique has the Level 1 Imprint liner which is heat moldable and features Hot Pockets for those extra cold days.  Little Hotties toe warmers come with the boots and fit easily in the pocket on the liner.  Getting the liner out is super quick with the new Speed Dial lace system.  Just pull on the loop and the tongue releases easily.  Putting it all together is a snap as well, just spin the dial after the liner is back in place.

One of the key features of the Speed Dial is that you can micro adjust the fit looser and tighter.  Other dial systems only let you get them really loose, then you have to tighten them back up again.  This feature will be super convenient on longer chair rides and when slight adjustments need to be made before dropping into to the next rail.


Burton Bootique LinerThe Burton Bootique also has an EST outsole with B3 gel in the heel.  Normally reserved for its higher end boots, B3 gel adds extra absorption for bomber landings and impacts.  EST is Burton’s low rise boot design that lowers the riders center of gravity and increases the amount of feel between the boot and the board.  That all adds up for quicker and better response from your foot to the snow.

With a feel of 3 out of 10, the Burton Bootique is a softer boot, but with its Total Comfort construction, the Bootique will feel the same in the store as on day 35.  It is designed with the park lady in mind, but has enough support to charge the rest of the mountain.  The Speed Dial system makes your laces one less thing to worry about.  At $199.95, the price puts it out of the entry level range, but any beginner would be good with the Bootique.

2013 Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard

Custom Flying V - Tech Close Up

The 2013 Burton Custom Flying V has all the great features of the cambered Custom, but with a hybrid rocker.  The rocker provides a slightly looser, more playful feel and allows for extra easy float in powder.  The hybrid camber adds stability and spring loaded pop.  Overall, the V-rocker allows for a fun-and-easy-cruiser or a hike-it-till-you-get-the-shot kind of day.  Mikkel Bang’s ride of choice, the Burton Custom Flying V is a great snowboard for the all mountain ripper.

Burton Custom Flying V 154

What really makes this board amazing is that it will ride any where you want it too.  Burton snowboards feature the Infinite Channel System that allows the bindings to have an endless range of stance set ups, and is very easy to adjust.  Paired with an Burton EST binding, these boards have the ultimate in board feel and control.  Although the Custom is directional with the stance set back 10mm, the flex and shape are both twin, which allows this board to be ridden switch easily.


Custom Flying V - Tech Close UpThe brighter graphics of the Burton Custom Flying V allow you to actually see some of the tech that is put inside the board, something I always like.  On the yellow 156, you can actually see the entire Super Fly II wood core and the different woods that are used to give the board just the right amount of flex, response and pop.  The Frostbite edges give a bit of extra bite when needed on the hard pack or ice and you can see the slight bump where they stick out.  Short black lines near the edges are the carbon “Lightning Bolts” that shoot out from your feet to the edges of the board to increase toe and heel response without increasing stiffness.

Burton Custom Flying V Wide 158The Burton Custom Flying V also has a few features a little harder to see.  Squeezebox construction creates a balance in the core by varying the thick ness of the board, which transfers power from the nose and tail easily while maintaining a strong flex.  Triax fiberglass also helps balance versatile flex and response.  The WFO sintered base is super fast and super durable.  Finally, Infinite Ride is an exclusive Burton Snowboards factory break in technology that ensures that your new board will feel the same on day 1 as it does on day 101.


The Burton Custom Flying V is not a beginner board, but is a good choice for the rider that has grown out of his starter package and is looking to get a setup that will take him to the next few levels.   While  really comfortable in the park, the Custom is not really designed for street sessions as it has a flex rating of 5.  The Custom is an all-terrain free-style board that will rip in pipe, pow or park.

YouTube Preview Image

Let us know what you think of the Custom Flying V in the comments.  If you have one tell us where and how you like to ride it.

2013 Lib Tech Snowboards Skate Banana BTX

Skate Banana BTX

This year’s Lib Tech Skate Banana keeps to its roots with the BTX reverse camber profile.   It also has magne-traction, twin geometries, a medium flex, H-pop core, power transfer internal sidewalls, sintered base and tons of awards.  That is quite the mouthful, but it all adds up to be a fun ride that floats in the powder, bonks off of tree stumps and locks on to rails with ease.  Great for the beginner and solid enough for the advanced freestyle rider, the Skate Banana will fit just about any ability level, and make sure that rider is smiling all day long.

Skate Banana BTXThe Skate Banana comes in a range of sizes and Eternal has two colors to choose from: gray/black and yellow/green.  Skate Banana BTX Wide is also available. Stiffness and flex is based on the length of the board and each size also has a recommended weight range, although the range is not too restrictive.  The 152 recommends riders to be at least 60 pounds while the 159 Wide suggests 80 pounds plus.

Skate Banana BTX

This is the board that started the reverse camber revolution and it is an excellent choice if you are looking to get your first rocker.  It is priced at $489, so it is definitely not a low end board, but it is a solid investment that won’t break the bank.

Eternal Snowboard team rider Alice Gong says this about the Skate Banana:

“This is one of the most fun snowboards I have ever ridden!!! My first day on onw was a 6 inch dust on crust day but on the skate banana I just floated. And the magna-traction holds an edge on anything. I was stunned! Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to ride a 156(I usually ride 148-150s in the park) on a chest deep pow day and decided it is the ultimate powder board! The banana profile makes it super easy to control, feeling like a shorter board while still giving you all the stability of the actual length. Get this ride, you’ll love it!”

All Lib Tech boards are hand crafted in the USA, near Canada, and utilize the most environmentally friendly methods available.  Lib Tech Snowboards come with a 1 year warranty against manufacture defects.

2013 Burton Imperial Snowboard Boot

Burton Imperial Boot 1

Burton Imperial Boot 1Three words describe the Burton Imperial snowboard boot: snug, firm and light.  The Imperial challenges all other snowboard boots in the $300 range to pack as many features into it without breaking the bank.  Not the high school park rat’s jib boot, the Imperial is the a name-taking, butt-whooping, big-stomping freeride boot that will never leave you blaming your boots.   Burton calls this the boot you have been waiting for, so lets check it out.Burton Imperial Boot Blk

When I first put the Burton Imperial on, the Speed Zone lacing and Imprint 3 liner made it quick and easy.  Sliding my foot in, I could feel the heat moldable foam welcoming my foot to the party.  But this isn’t no hang out in the corner and watch the hot chicks not talk to you kind of party.  You remember that scene in Can’t Hardly Wait with Guns Roses’ “Paradise City”?  It’s  that kind of party, and these boot won’t stop putting the vodka in the watermelon.

But like any killer party, you have to be prepared.  The Imperial has a stiffness of 7 of 10, so if you are a lightweight or just looking to cruise this may not be the right boot for you.  As I flex and wear the boots for a few minutes, I can feel how much they hold my feet, especially my heel.  There is no sliding or slippage in any direction.  And with the Speed Zone lacing, I can get them extra tight in seconds.  Moving in these boots definitely feels better than standing still.

Burton Imperial SoleThere are tons of other technical parts to the the Burton Imperial as well.  Footprint reduction keeps the boot fitting true to size, but shrinks the profile of the boot to reduce toe/heel drag.   The Rad Pad is put above the top of the in step to keep it cozy where the laces exert the most pressure.  The outsole features a Vibram Ecostep sole, B3 Gel and EVA foam, making it light, cush and grippy.  There is also the EST mid sole that keeps the foot as close to the board as possible for feel and response.  S4 shell panels hold it together with the Speed Zone laces; together they wrap the boot around your foot for and extra snug and even fit.  The level 2 EVA foot bed has extra support with the ESS support shank and is coated with Aegis Antimicrobial to keep the stink away.

If you are ready for a Burton Snowboard boot that will rock and roll all night and party everyday, then the Burton Imperial is a great choice.  Solid, snug and light, the Imperial will shred as hard as you can.

Tell us what you think about the Burton Imperial snowboard boot in the comments below.




2013 Lib Tech Snowboards Skunk Ape C2BTX and HP

Psst.  Hey buddy.  Yeah, you with the bigger than average feet.  Lemme show you something, something you really need to check out.  It’s the Lib Tech Skunk Ape C2BTX.  And its suped up brother, the Skunk Ape HP C2BTX.  Tired of toe drag when you lay into a good carve?  Have you given up on finding a board built for a lumberjack?  Well, the Skunk Apes are the answer to all your snowboard woes.  Built by and for the guys that work in the Lib Tech Snowboard Factory up near Canada, this is a real man’s snowboard.

Skunk Ape C2BTXDesigned for the rider with size 13+ feet and weighing in over 200 lbs, the Skunk Apes allow the big guys to have fun too.  The smallest Skunk Ape is 157cm and has a waist width of 26.8cm and the longest is 180cm.  The C2BTX gives these boards the pressure needed between the feet from the rocker and stability  outside of the bindings from the camber.  Magne-Traction lets the rider dig in with either edge on ice or hard pack without compromising control.  And the Columbian Gold wood combo core with the basalt and fiber glass mix keep the Skunk Ape a solid 7 out of 10 on the stiff stick scale.


Skunk Ape HP C2BTX

The horsepower construction adds a bit more tech to the mix.  Lib Tech uses an all basalt glass and pure Columbian Gold core make the HP Skunk Apes lighter and stronger.  The bio beans sparkle top sheet also shows that the board is somewhat magical.  Available in 161cm, 165cm and 169cm, this is the board for that big guy that is able to charge hard all season long and wants his board to keep up with him.

The Skunk Ape is one of Eternal‘s best selling big guy boards, and for good reason.  Just because you were a linebacker in college, doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on the snow.

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