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Andy Blanchard on Nike Zoom Kaiju’s

Nike Kaiju

The Nike Zoom Kaiju is the best snowboard boot I ever had. It is a supportive boot with mid flex and an articulated cuff to allow for smooth movements. The boot lets you flex forward with ease and still delivers response for heel side turns.

The articulated cuff is key because it allows the boot to compress without blowing out the sides in weird ways. When this boot is flexed forward there are no blowout spots on the side. The feel of the boot is super comfortable yet very responsive.

Andy Strapping in

There is a lot of great technology in this boot to make snowboarding easier and more comfortable. The performance of this boot is far better than any other boot I have ever rode because they support your ankles and still let you flex forward. This is the perfect boot.

The liner and lacing system is second to none. The liner has the perfect feel and a smooth tightening system. Just pull the laces apart to slide the tab down to lock your foot into the liner. There is also a Velcro strap toward the top of the liner so you can get it nice and tight on the top to prevent the top of your leg from sliding around in the boot.

Andy B

The outer lacing system has a perfect addition to classic laces. The boots are equipped with a lace lock on the instep of the boot. You can dial in the lower zone then tighten the lace lock and it will stay tight all day. That little lace lock is worth its weight in gold. Additional lace locks up top to help out with tying your boots and you are ready to go.

Andy 5-0

The Nike Kaiju’s are comfortable, powerful, and smooth to operate.  Overall this snowboard boot is full of legendary Nike technology and is defiantly worth checking out.

Words by Eternal Team Rider Andy Blanchard

Brandon Sorel on Burton AK

Burton AK Review

Before heading up to Alaska for the first time, I wanted to be prepared with Burton’s most water-resistant gear and went with the AK 2L Cyclic Jacket and AK 2L Stagger Pant.

The Jacket has a smaller fit than expected, so I went a size bigger than I normally would wear. The Cyclic Jacket has a shell style feel to it, being light and very easy to move in. I would recommend wearing the jacket over top of a few layers to stay warm in temperatures below 32°F, which is also a good reason to get a size bigger than normal.

As for holding up against the elements, the jacket has been great. Wind, rain, sleet or snow doesn’t penetrate the GORE-TEX material, keeping you dry at all times, but dependent on the base layers to keep insulated and warm.

Brandon Sorel

The Burton AK 2L Stagger Pants have been great as well. They have a more true fit than the jacket, and I went with my normal pant size. They have a similar “shell” type feel to them also, making for a great hiking pant. The pants are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. I recommend a base layer under them for temperatures below freezing (32°F).

When wearing the Jacket with the Pants, there are 3 clips for attaching the powder skirt, which works efficient enough, but not as well as the zipper design from previous years. The elastic adjustments on the inside of the waistband make for a perfect fit on most body sizes. The GORE-TEX material holds strong against the wind, rain, sleet or snow and keeps you very dry all day long.

Words by Eternal Team Rider Brandon Sorel

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