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I am the web administrator here at I have been snowboarding for 17 years. I transplanted here to Reno, Nv from Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Heading to Symbiosis?

There is still time to get out to Symbiosis this weekend. This year there are sure to be a ton of good vibes because of the annular eclipse. The eclipse is an event that we will not have this good of an vantage point for another 42 years. As most of you know Symbiosis is just a warm up event for the big kahuna of all desert events, Burning Man. Out here in the high Nevada deserts there are a few items that are essential for gatherings of dancing people in the dust.

Face Masks are a must.

With a few thousand of your closest friends dancing from dusk till dawn there is going to be a lot of dust in the air. A great way to keep it out of you is to arm your self with a face mask. If you are going to wear a face mask it might as well be a steezy one from Wrong Gear.

A pair or three of inexpensive sunglasses are a necessity.

The sun in the desert is brutal and there are far more sunny days than not out here. A good idea for these gatherings is to load up on a couple of cheapies. This way if you misplace, break, or barter your first pair you still have some waiting in the wings.

Stay cool and dry with boardshorts.

While you always want to bring a wacky costume to wear, you may want to put some boardshorts at the base of that outfit. The beauty of wearing boardshorts is that they are light weight and when you get sprayed down with water you will dry out quick. You can even get a retro look with some Volcom boardshorts.

This little piggy can’t dance barefoot for 3 days.

Some people can make it barefoot but for the rest of us dancing around for days can be rough on the old dogs. A good way to go is a good Vans canvas shoe or some solid sandals. You don’t want those $3 sandals from the gas station cause you may bust those in hour three of a five day festival. Sanuk sandals are bound to last you years of festivals.

Memories can get hazy, take HD video.

What better way to remember an action packed weekend then with some HD video. A GoPro will certainly do the trick here. Strap it to your chest and hit record. I am sure you will capture some awesome moments.

Keep your “beverages” nice and cold.

What ever you are drinking out in the desert you will want to keep them cold. Take a Burton Beracuda with you and you will be set.

Of course do not forget to bring sunscreen and plenty of water. Follow these tips and you are bound to have a great time at any outdoor gathering or festival this summer.

Have Fun!


Winter Wrap Up

Well the season that never was is finally coming to an end. We had a very late start to winter, but we made the best of it. Thankfully we had a good March and early April. The snow started falling hard here in Tahoe. Good thing too because we got the bulk of our snow for the entire season right at the end. In fact one of the best powder days of the season was on April Fools’ Day, no joke.

Chas GuldemondThe Eternal team riders made the best of what snow we had. Chas Guldemond had a banger competitive season. He made his mark by being crowned 2012 World Snowboard Champion Slopestyle in Oslo. This was a big win as the World Championships are only held every four years. Chas picked up top spot at the 2012 Toyota Big Air and 2012 Burton Canadian Open. Chas has also started working out and training with the US Snowboard team in anticipation of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. It has been a busy year for Chas in fact he is just coming back home after filming with Standard Films.

Andrew BrewerAndrew Brewer has been non-stop filming with Technine and FMF for what I am sure will be another super progressive part. He started off the season gracing the cover of Transworld, as well as our own 2012 catalog. We are also excited for Brewer as he is getting an entire pro model line from Technine including snowboards and outerwear. But just because the snow is melting does not mean he is done, Brewer will be a coaching at the all new Camp Woodward Tahoe located at Boreal Mountain here in Tahoe, with the first ever summer snowboard camp at Boreal scheduled for June.

So now it is time to dust off the skateboard, bike, golf clubs, surfboard, or roller-blades, because the days are long and the weather is warm. And by the way if you need to look good this summer we still carry all kinds of the latest and greatest summer gear and styley skateboard shoes from DC, DVS, Vans, Emerica, Lakai and more.

Skate NV iPhone App

Our friends over at Skate NV have put together a fun iPhone app that is available for free at the App Store. The app features a bunch of local Reno skaters, including some Eternal team skaters. Glynn Osburn, Jeff Ward, Tyler DeWitt, Dean Christopher, Alan Chou, Samuel Lemley, Joel Wilkins, Glenn Medrano, Darren Starkey, Jevelle Wiltz, Tanner Frano, Chanez and Jacob Young are all featured in this spot the difference game.

Keep your eyes open for some Eternal logo wear that you can get today at

Eternal Skater Glynn Osburn

Eternal Skater Glynn Osburn

This app also gives you a tour of the Nevada skate scene. Pick up it up at the App Store today!


Miracle March in Tahoe

Well for most of us around the country this was a rough winter. Here in the Tahoe area we certainly had a dry winter, but thankfully it started snowing in March! We had a handful of healthy storms and there is even some coming our way this week in the middle of April. Eternal team rider Jake Devine was able to get out and enjoy this Miracle March!

Jake Devine Cliff Drop

Jake Devine Cliff Drop

Jake Devine Pow turns

Jake Devine Pow turns

Jake Devine Method

Jake Devine Method