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This Friday, November 20, the DC Pro Snowboard Team, including: Ikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Bittner, X-Games Winner Torstein Horgmo, Kimmy Fasani, Lonnie Kauk and Raewyn Reid will be in the warehouse store on Freeport at 4pm for a meet and greet/unofficial autograph signing.

Just show up at the shop with something for them to sign, as they will probably sign just about anything – snowboards, jackets, t-thirts, posters, magazines, your roommates cat, etc. They “might” also hand out some free goodies.

Shred Night TONIGHT


Originally uploaded by eternal.boardshop

Shred Night brought to you by

at the PUB N’ SUB located on the corner of 10TH & RALSTON


WIN SWAG from:

and more…

Also, lift tickets from NORTHSTAR AT LAKE TAHOE RESORT.

Eternal will be giving away a ROME MACHINE 157 SNOWBOARD, plus plenty of swag.

Stalkin’ the pros, stalkin’ the pros

We all know snowboarding and skateboarding are heavily influenced on what’s being thrown down by top pros. Below is a list for all you hard-core stalkers that need to follow their every move and know what your favorite pros are doing:

Arnold, Scotty
Scotty Arnold on MySpace

Backstrom, Ikka
Ikka Backstrom on MySpace

Biittner, Aaron
Aaron Biittner on MySpace

Bozung, Nate
Nate Bozung on MySpace

Bradshaw, Chris
Chris Bradshaw on MySpace

Brisse, Dan
Dan Brisse on MySpace

Brewer, Andrew
Andrew Brewer on MySpace

Carlson, Jonas
Jonas Carlson on MySpace

Devine, Jake
Jake Devine on MySpace

Heiskari, Lauri
Lauri Heiskari on MySpace

Jones, Jeremy(Big Mountain)
Jeremy Jones on Twitter
Jeremy Jones Website

Kass, Danny
Danny Kass on Twitter

Kennday, Travis
Travis Kennedy on MySpace

Lago, Scotty
Scotty Lago on MySpace

Magoon, Lucas
Lucas Magoon on MySpace

Malmi, Joni
Joni Malmi on MySpace

Mathes, Darrell
Darrell Mathes on Twitter
Darrell Mathes on MySpace

McCarthy, Patrick
Patric McCarthy on MySpace

Montoya, Mark Frank
Mark Frank Montoya on Twitter
Mark Frank Montoya on MySpace

Richards, Todd
Todd Richards on Twitter

Skethy-D on MySpace

Stevens, Scott
Scott Stevens on MySpace

Tarbell, Ryan
Ryan Tarbell on MySpace

Vito, Louie
Louie Vito on Twitter
Louie Vito on MySpace

Walker, JP
JP Walker on MySpace

Wall, Eddie
Eddie Wall on MySpace

Wiig, Andreas
Andreas Wiig on MySpace

Anderson, Jamie
Jamie Anderson on Twitter
Jamie Anderson on MySpace

Bleicher, Conny
Conny Bleicher on MySpace

Bleiler, Gretchen
Gretchen Bleiler on Twitter

Dakides, Tara
Tara Dakides on Twitter
Tara Dakides on MySpace

Haug, Linn
Linn Haug on Twitter

Pelosi, Leanne
Leanne Pelosi on Twitter

Sladics, Chanelle
Chanelle Sladics on Twitter

Biebel, Brandon
Brandon Biebel on Twitter

Dyrdek, Rob
Rob Dyrdek on Twitter

Sheckler, Ryan (skate)
Ryan Sheckler on Twitter
Ryan Sheckler Website

Brand Big-Wigs
Montgomery, Blue (Capita)
Blue Montgomery of Capita Snowboards on MySpace

West, Mike (686)
Mike West of 686 Clothing Blog

Please let us know if you have any to add, we’ll add them in quick like.

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