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This is getting fun

  Check today’s rants and raves.  Gotta love the big guys that hide behind computer screens and keyboards.

Participant: Hey, buddy, how come no one has heard **** about your company. You suck and you are never going to sell a single snowboard. And by the way, if you are sooooooo good at making logos, why don’t you make your own instead of being a cheap ****ing ****head and giving people a t-shirt and a couple stickers. Oh and it might be about time you leave your moms house and get a girlfriend, you ****ing loser. I wouldn’t be talking, your logo is an es with two ****ing points on the e, who gives a ****. Seriously, get the **** out of your ***.

ps. i made you a picture and attached it to this email.
        i would have attached the sweet little pic he did up, but it wasn’t worth the effort of downloading it, uploading it to photobucket, and posting it up here.

Have a good one.

        PS – my apologies to the contestant that submitted the logo this little bastard is bashing – don’t worry, your logo is far better than the crap he sent in, and is just pissed that someone called him on the crap he’s passing off as an attempt at design.  Little bastard couldn’t even spell our name correctly.

What’s wrong with kids these days?

               I don’t really want to do this, but check out this correspondence with a Logo Design Contest participant – good times, enjoy.  I may have gone overboard a little with my last reply, but for someone trying to enter into a contest for free gear, I think he deserved it.  His submissions were for another company, apparently previously done, and feature the name listed as his sig. Nothing to do with Eternal. Our contest is for a logo for us, that’d we’d use, not just any random logo for some other company. Anyway, without further ado:

PARTICIPANT: Hello, my name is ****  *******. I am 15 years old and I live in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada. I have some rough copies of a snowboard logo I made a couple weeks ago. It could be made better if I bought the right design and editing software, but it is not available to me at the moment. I’ve attached all the rough drafts to a word document on this email. Reply if you have a problem viewing them. I hope you like it.


Epsilon Snowboarding

               ETERNAL: Thanks for your contributions.  We’re actually looking for a new logo for Eternal.  Let us know if you come up with a logo for Eternal, along the lines of what we’re currently using.



PARTICIPANT: Why would you want one around the lines of that, why not a completely new one, the E i sent you could stand for Enternal anyway, who gives a **** about your other logo, its **** anyway.

             ETERNAL: Wow.  Thanks for the thumbs up.  Unfortunately we will not be able to place you in the contest.

But in all honesty, if you think our current logos are ****, and your “E” is better, look into some design classes.  Really.  A “block” sans-serif “E” with the name inside?  You’re playing around with TTFs, fonts rather than designs.  Does that make sense?

But thank you for your contributions, and good luck in life, I’m sure you’ll go far with your current attitude.

Eternal    <– note it’s Eternal, not ENternal

So the moral of the story is, if you’d like your entries to be submitted into the contest have some respect.  

Eternal Logo Design Contest

Eternal is holding a logo design contest.  We’re looking for you talented artists to hit us up with a fresh new logo or icon.  Once we pick the best we’ll make that logo into a tee-shirt and die-cut vinyl stickers.  Here’s the deal – come up with a fresh new Eternal logo or icon and email it to us at .  The contest will be running until New Year’s Day 2009.  The winner will get a free Nomis/Eternal Collab Zip Hoodie, T-Shirt printed with their logo and 3-pack of assorted colors and sizes of die-cut stickers with their logo.  It’s that easy.  Just draw something up, email it off to us, if we pick you you get a sweet goodie bag. Please note that by sending in your art you are giving Eternal exclusive rights to that art to use as we see fit, with no further compensation or payment.  Quick note about the prize pack – we’ll cover shipping within the continental US.  If you’re outside this area we’ll work something out with you to get the prize pack as cheap as possible.  Good luck to all.

Eternal Logo Design Contest

Congrats To Our Winner…

Thanks again everyone that entered our first ever Eternal contest.

Jake Taunton has been announced the winner, for his innovative use of random images with guest stars Chuck Norris, a smurf, and a ghost from Pacman.

Congratulations Jake, and enjoy your new Eternal Hoody.

Everyone stay tuned. Another Eternal Contest is coming soon.

-The Eternal Team

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