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New gear from Nike snowboarding

While that swoosh may mean a high jump on the basketball court to most people, you know that Nike makes some exceptionally high quality snowboard gear as well. Many pro riders will be the first to tell you that Nike knows what they’re doing.

You will be grabbing air off those jumps like you never have before with the new Zoom Force 1 freestyle boots based off of the design of the Nike Air Force 1. These boots have the comfort and lift that you need. The Zoom Ites are the latest addition to the lineup and have three levels of customizable flex.

Obviously this major player won’t just come out with boots for the upcoming riding season. Some of the new jackets for both men and women have a rugged feel. The Bellevue offers a plaid layered jacket look with a puff vest for extra insulation. But don’t worry, if you crave the bright colors and flashy patterns, they still have you covered. The Bellevue still offers a print version that has a spot tie-dye in vibrant blues and greens. The women’s Willowbrook pants also offer a fitted style that looks good on and off the slopes.

You can get outfitted with some high quality Nike gear at a lower price if you don’t want to spring for the new releases. Some of the most loved Nike boots are the Kaiju’s which are lightweight and extremely comfortable. If you already have a pair of boots that you love, then maybe you’re looking for a new Nike snowboard jacket or board pants to keep you warm and dry while riding. Whatever you’re in the market for, take a look at the new lines coming out for the upcoming 2014 season.

New movie: Think Thank Is Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack

Think Thank Brain Dead Heart Attack

Think Thank is one of the most influential snowboarding groups out there right now. Think Thank has an amazing ability to pick out the up-and-coming names in snowboarding and throw them into insane videos, pushing their careers into overdrive. Jesse Burtner, who created Think Thank, is always brainstorming new, and bizarre, ways to add a whole new level of excitement to the sport.

YouTube Preview Image

The group dubbed the video the most “mind numbing, heart stopping” freestyle snowboarding video available. With an unwavering sense of creativity and daring tricks, the video is well worth the view.

With names like Brandon Hammid, Jaeger Bailey, Ted Borland, Brandon Reis, Sammy Luebke, Nick Visconti, Curtis Woodman, Sean Genovese, Jesse Burtner, Chris Beresford, Sean Black, Nial Romanek, Desiree Melancon, Kyle Lopiccolo, Brendon Hupp, Sam Hulbert and Mitch Richmond starring, you know it will be impressive. There are even guest appearances from Scott Stevens, Gus Engle, Ted Lavoie, Mark Landvik, Ben Bogart, Danyale Patterson and Freddy Perry, to name a few.

If you want to see the movie in the company of other riders, there are still a few premiers scheduled across the U.S. through October. If seeing it once just isn’t enough to wrap your mind around it, then you can purchase the video or download it on iTunes to keep replaying the jaw-dropping rides. Remember snowboard movies are the best way to get pumped for the season.

Skate training in the winter

When the snow starts falling you can’t get out as often as you’d like. Even if you’re ready to brave the cold and clear the snow, the melt can mess up your ride. But you don’t have to give up skating when the winter comes rolling in. There are plenty of ways to stay on top of your game during the offseason.

Snowboarding is a great way to cross train for skateboarding. Although there may be a load of indoor parks to still ride at, it is beneficial to switch up your routine. Not only will your body work muscles that you have been ignoring on the wheels, your mind will have to work a little harder too. Snowboarding is definitely a different beast, but at least you will be familiar with the concept of riding the board and it may come more naturally to you than it would to a non-skater. While they are two separate sports, they certainly complement one another so rent a board and try it out this winter.

By all means, get your rides in at an indoor park when you can as well – especially if you’re training for a competition. You don’t want to take too much time off your board. Indoor parks are often state-of-the-art and offer some amenities that your average outdoor parks don’t like foam pits and numerous ramps.

Skating takes a lot of muscle groups to control your body and the board, not to mention when you’re pulling off those tricks. Strong legs and a solid core are essential to a good ride so keep yourself in shape while you’re not on your board every day. Calf raises, leg presses, leg extensions, and a lot of crunches will help to build the necessary muscles. If you’re not much of a gym guy, you can easily stay in shape at home, just be sure to keep your body strong so you’re not out of shape when it’s time to get back on your skateboard.

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