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Eternal 2013 Video Premiere Party

Videograss Snowboard Movie Premiere

It is time to get pumped for the snow! We are celebrating with our annual video premiere party. We will be showing the new Videograss movies The Last Ones and Roll Call as well as the Volcom movie IP3. As always there will be raffles, friends, swag, high fives and laughs. Here’s the details:

Videograss movie premiere 2013

When: October 4th 2013

Where: Studio on 4th - 432 East 4th Street Reno, NV

Films: ‘Roll Call’ and ‘The Last Ones’ by Videograss and‘IP3’ by Volcom

Host: Jason Kell

Doors at 7pm Show starts at 8

$5 Entry

All ages | Full bar with ID

Pre-sale tickets available at Eternal for $5, get a free raffle ticket!

Give aways include a Volcom snowboard, Volcom outerwear kit  and a bunch of swag to give away, plus a hat making machine.

Shaun White’s private training mountain: will he be using it again this year?

Shaun White Private Pipe

In previous years, pro-rider Shaun White had his own private mountain to practice on. Holding the X-Games record for gold medals and taking home two gold medals for the U.S. Olympic team, White is no stranger to working hard to be the best he can be.

Shaun White Private Pipe

In 2009, Red Bull built White his own private training mountain to practice on. The secret “Project X,” as they referred to it, was built on Silverton Mountain. After setting impressive records and showing his amazing skills, Red Bull knew that this was an investment worth making. White always has a new trick up his sleeve when he hits the slopes and he is always aiming to impress. With the hard work and determination White puts in to his competitions, it is no wonder he has a laundry list of athletic achievements in both skating and boarding.

At the facility in Silverton, White was able to polish a double-back rodeo, a front double-cork 10, a switchback 9 and a Cab double-cork 10. The ability to train on such an elaborate facility definitely gave White an advantage and he walked away with the gold medal in the 2010 winter Olympics and Winter X-Games.

But what does White have in store for 2014? Will he be teaming up with a sponsor to build another secret project to begin training for another gold in Sochi, Russia?

The Winter Games are coming quickly and the tricks that White typically pulls out require a lot of fine tuning and preparation. This skater/snowboarder knows how to do it right and we will be keeping our eyes on him in the months preceding the 2014 Winter Games. He’s always good for a surprise.

Picking the right longboard

Longboard Slide

Want something a little mellower than skateboarding or a new way to cross-train for snowboarding? Give longboarding a shot. Longboards have more stability and traction than skateboards and most riders use them to cruise. But before you hop on any board, make sure to choose the one that will give you the best ride possible.

Don’t run out and invest in a new sidewalk surfer before you assess your riding style. There are a lot of great boards out there, but learning how to ride will be more difficult if you start on the wrong board. If you’re just getting into longboarding or plan on just cruising around with minimal hills, then you’ll want a cruiser or carving board. If you‘re more interested in nailing some tricks or boardwalking, you’ll need a flexible freestyle or dancing deck, but if you have a need for speed, put your money down on a stiff freeride or downhill longboard.

Once you’ve got your style figured out, focus on the board shape. The pintail is the most common longboard shape and is good for more casual cruising and some small hills. Cutouts or drop-throughs are the most versatile shape and are a good investment. They’re great for cruising and have no wheelbite when carving, but they are also stable at higher speeds.

Downhill decks are good for the speedsters. They hold your feet in during fast turns and some have cutouts to eliminate the wheelbite. Cruiser decks are typically shorter and are easier to maneuver and have a kicktail for the sharp turns necessary when skating through crowded sidewalks. If you need more control, go for a shorter board until you learn to maneuver seamlessly on longer boards.

Check out the selection of longboards from Eternal’s new skate shop.

Street League Skateboarding stop 5: Portland

July 14 is right around the corner, which means Street League Skateboarding (SLS) will take over Portland. This world tour ends after a stop in Los Angeles and the Super Crown final in New Jersey. Pros will give it all they have throughout the series to bring home a piece of the largest prize in competitive skateboarding – totaling more than $2 million. Are you suddenly feeling the urge to go practice until you can compete on their level?

Portland’s Rose Garden Arena will host the most elite competitive series in street skating and some of the sport’s biggest names. Twenty pros will compete in the preliminary heat for a spot in the top eight. The top eight will skate for a chance to walk away with $100,000 and a guaranteed spot in the World Tour Super Crown World Cup. After the event, all pros will be invited to the DiamondLife Afterparty jam session where they will free ride the course, and you can watch over a live webcast. Pros can redeem themselves after a knockout or celebrate their win.

Street League Skateboarding was founded by professional skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek in 2010. The league aims to popularize street skating across the world, and has used the SLS World Tour to do just that.

Is Portland too far a hike to make it to the event? Don’t worry, you can catch the pros at the Sunday preliminaries on a live webcast at at 4 p.m. EST and then the finals live on ESPN2 at 7 p.m.

Grand Re-Opening!

Grand Re-Opening

Thats right Grand RE-Opening!

We have finished moving the Plumb Lane store over here and now the Sparks Super store is a full service Snow, Skate and Style Board Shop. In Celebration we are having a grand re-opening of the shop at 33 e Freeport blvd and everyone one is invited!

Anyone who comes by on Saturday June 29th can sign for their chance to WIN a $100 Gift Card! Plus we will be having sidewalk sale and incredible discounts on everything in the store. 30% off shoes and sunglasses, 15% off ALL regular priced items, and all kinds of stuff on the sidewalk starting at ONLY $5!

Plus for Saturday only Smokin’ Snowboards will be bringing by their all new longboards to demo AND we will be having a customer appreciation BBQ. There is even talk of having an impromptu skate jam. Click Here for directions to Eternal Board Shop.

Grand Re-Opening flyer

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