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How to replace your skateboard bearings

Unless you’re riding through a lot of mud and water, skate bearing generally last a long time and require little maintenance. Bearings allow the wheels of your board to spin smoothly, without creating excessive friction between the wheel and axel. These work well for a long period of time, but if your ride is being affected by old or dirty bearings, it may be time to replace them.

Replacing your board’s bearings is simple. You’ll quickly learn to fly through the process and save lots of money by doing it yourself.

  1. First remove the wheels from the axel. You’ll need a socket wrench or ratchet to remove the wheels. Be sure to keep the washers, shields or spacers in a safe place to put back on after you’re done.
  2. Push the bearing out of the wheel and place the new ones in each wheel. Line the bearing up so that it is flush with the side of the wheel and repeat the process with all eight bearings – one for each side of each of the four wheels.
  3. Place the wheels back on the axels.
  4. If you use washers, shields or spacers, replace them outside the bearings.
  5. Gently tighten the wheels on with the wrench. Make sure that your wheels are on tightly, but still have enough wiggle room so they can spin freely.

Take your new bearings for a test ride before you head to the park. You’ll want to know if you secured your wheels properly before you hit the streets. Find skateboard bearings and more at Eternal’s Skateboard Shop.

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