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Get thick headed: Skate helmets

Not all helmets are made equally. While any helmet is better than none, there are some cheap ones on the market that won’t stand up to the impact of a fall. Your old-school bike helmet probably isn’t the best choice to protect your noggin, but there are plenty of hybrid helmets that are CPSC safety certified that you can take from your board to your bike and from the street to the park. If you don’t ever ride a bike, you can go with a true skate helmet. Whatever you’re in the market for, be sure that the helmet you settle on is comfortable enough that you won’t mind wearing it for hours.

When looking for a skate helmet, chose one that is made from ABS plastics, fiberglass compost carbon fiber, or Kevlar. These durable materials will not crumble at impact. The interior of the helmet should also be lined with cushiony foam to slow the force of an impact. If your helmet does not have both of these components, it won’t be able to get the job done and it will most likely be tossed in the trash after your first fall. But just because a helmet is high quality doesn’t mean it will last a lifetime. After a fall, be sure to inspect your helmet for any damage and replace it if there is anything more than a scrape.

Not all helmets will be STM F1492 certified, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should skip them. Some companies just forgo the certification to keep prices down, so do a little research on quality brands or ask around to find out what brands are good bets. Once you’ve found a brand and style that works for you, make sure it fits. If the helmet is too big, it will be useless. No matter how skilled a rider you are, you’re going to fall. And if you think you don’t need a helmet, you’re going to need all the brain cells you have left. So take our word for it and invest in a good one.

How to best capture action: GoPro

Ever find yourself watching skate video after skate video wishing you could make your own? Getting a different perspective on your daily rides is inspiring and can make you a better skater. And why not spend your down time editing, mixing and mashing clips for your own video?. Viral videos are making a big splash so you never know whose hands your video could fall into. Making a video is a fun way to pass the time and you never know whose hands the video may fall in to.eyes may see the video – it might make you the next star.

If you want to immortalize a ride on one of your favorite parks or just want to run through a ride again to see why you just can’t seem to stick that one landing, recording your ride may be the answer. You don’t have to fumble around with high-tech video equipment to make your ride memorable. The GoPro camera has captured many riders from a wide variety of extreme sports doing what they love. The high quality, durability and functionality of the cameras make them ideal for capturing video on the go.

While holding a camera certainly isn’t an option to capture your ride, you can’t get the intriguing angles from a buddy recording you off to the side. Mounting a camera for hands-free videography is the way to go. The wide lens and the durability of a GoPro camera make it an ideal candidate for filming your next ride. You can mount a GoPro on your deck – looking back at your stance or forward, looking under the board at the wheels, on your hat or on the edge of a bowl or rail. Mix angles to make a professional quality film that you can star in. The quality of picture that you can capture with the GoPro is impressive for such a tiny camera.

Burton Custom and Malavita Bindings

Burton Custom and Malavita

Take a gander at the new Burton Custom Snowboard and Burton Malavita Bindings. I took them out for a spin at Alpine Meadows, in Tahoe. It was a super fun set up that is great for everyday ripping.

YouTube Preview Image

The board is from the Restricted line so it has the fun naked chick graphic. It was the Regular camber, so it was very responsive and great at high speeds. The Custom never ceases to amaze year after year, it is consistently one of my favorites.

I put a pair of Burton Malavita’s on this setup. I really liked the bindings lightweight and responsive. These were the EST model which really gives the board a smooth flex. They have a super comfortable asymmetrical heel strap, that gives you some more support on the inside of your ankle. Loved the bindings for sure.

You can take a look at all of our Burton Snowboards and Burton Bindings here at Eternal.

Gear guide: What to bring to summer fests

Fest season is the highlight of the year for many. With day long competitions, showcases and expos – it’s a skaters dream. But don’t show up empty handed, with a daylong festival you’ll have to be prepared for what is going to be thrown your way. Before setting out, make sure you’ve got the right gear.

Remember to bring:

  • Water. Lots of water. Spending all day outside in the summer can get pretty hot – especially if you’re skating. Keep hydrated all day long. Bring a reusable water bottle so you don’t have to shell out for bottled water and do your part to keep the world a little greener.
  • Hat. Under that midsummer sun you’ll definitely want some protection from it. Cover your face to keep cool – and add some style – with a hat. Choose from a wide selection of hats at Eternal.
  • Sunglasses. You have to keep style in mind just as much as functionality. If the sun is glaring, a hat might not be enough to get the best view of the park. Add some hip shades.
  • Backpack. If you plan on spending the day at a fest you may want to bring a backpack to tote around all the stuff you’ll be carrying. Just make sure that the fest policy allows backpacks before you leave for the day.
  • Comfortable shoes. Make sure your skate shoes are just as comfortable for walking as they are for riding. You most likely won’t be doing much sitting around.

If you’re allowed to ride the course after the pros are finished, or if there is an open course for attendees, don’t forget to bring your board. You might not have another chance to ride that type of course, and you never know whose eye you’ll catch with that trick you’ve been mastering this summer.

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