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The Dakine Duel Backpack challenges you!

The Dakine Duel backpack gets its name from having battled its way up the line up through various feats of strength and challenges.  And because it features two separate large compartments.  One is for a laptop or tablet, and the other is for whatever else needed to carry around.  The laptop compartment is padded and zips from the bottom right side to the top left, not a full zip but enough to allow quick access to the laptop.  It is like having two bags in one.  Many backpacks come with a padded lap top sleeve, but few of them have a padded laptop compartment.

Dakine Duel - DenimDakine Duel - Black

With 26 liters or 1600 cubic inches of volume, the Duel has plenty of room for books and binders as well.  There are also skate carry straps, an organizer pocket and an insulated cooler pocket.  It fits comfortably with padded, adjustable straps and the mesh side pockets keep water bottles accessible on the go.  The fleeced lined sunglasses pocket is there as well.

Dakine Duel - FordenDakine Duel - Northwood

For the student or person that wants a back pack that will allow quick access for a laptop and organization of accessories and books, the Duel is a good choice.  The Duel is available for $70 and all Dakine backpacks come with a life time warranty.


The lightest Vans shoe EVER! LXVI Graph.

Vans LXVI GraphHoly cow is this shoe light!  Pick up the box and it is hard to tell if there is anything in it.  Once on, the Vans LXVI Graph is barely noticeable in regards to weight, but very cush and flexible.  There is definitely no break in period for these shoes.

Vans LXVI Graph

Why is the LXVI Graph so light?  With the Vans LXVI Shoe lineup, Vans has moved beyond the traditional heavy vulcanized sole and utilized foam that is specially formulated for grip and durability.  Yes, foam.  Not your dad’s shaving cream kind of foam, but a solid, light EVA material that has a significant durability to weight ratio.  Vans is calling this their lightest shoe ever.  Just pick up the box and see for yourself.

But the foam doesn’t just allow the Graph to be light, it also has excellent flexibility and cushioning.  Just think about the foam bed toppers that are available now,  and how comfortable they are.  Now imagine that for your feet.  The Graph has what Vans calls “Ultracush Lite” as well, which pretty much says it all.  The insole is also made from EVA foam and helps provide a super comfortable fit.

Vans LXVI GraphLook at the Graph a little closer and notice that there is something missing.  This shoe has no seams.  Vans calls it “Rapidweld” but I call it “Radicalweld!”  This feature allows the different panels of the shoe to be bonded together by pressure and heat, instead of stitching the shoe together.  This also saves on weight, and is stronger and more durable than traditional stitching.

Another noticeable feature of the Graph is mesh side panels.   The mesh keeps the shoe breathable and light.  This is a key feature for a dark pair shoes on hot summer days and the impromptu break dancing session at the club.

A few customer reviews said the Graph was awesome for long boarding as well.  Its flexibility and fit allow the Graph to have really good board feel;  board feel is important to get the skateboard or longboard to respond to the directions of your feet.   The lack of weight also helps the wearer shred all day with less fatigue.

A great shoe for walking down the street, skating up the block or chilling at the club, the new LXVI Graph from Vans is definitely worth more than its weight.  Just pick up the box already.


The Dakine Explorer Backpack is Perfect for Back to School.

Need a backpack that will carry a laptop, school books and a skateboard?  Then check out the Explorer by Dakine.  Dakine Backpacks are always sturdy and long lasting, and the Explorer is no exception. This backpack is reasonably priced at $60. It is comfortable, sturdy and convenient for any student heading back to school.

Dakine Explorer - Black StripesDakine Explorer - DenimDakine Explorer - Phantom

The Dakine Explorer backpack features a padded laptop sleeve, skate carry straps, separate MP3 and sunglasses pockets, an organizer pocket and mesh side pockets.  Padded adjustable straps and a padded back side help make this backpack fit comfortably.   The Explorer has 26 liters or 1600 cubic inches of volume and is made of sturdy 600d polyester.  Extra stitching in the critical areas and a lifetime warranty ensure that this bag will be around for a while.  The mesh side pockets allow for easy access to a water bottle or phone.

The Explorer is a great value backpack that has all the features needed by the student and skater.  First aid kt not included, but will definitely fit in this bag.

Vans LXVI Inscribe. Lightweight and from the Future!

LXVI InscribeThe first thing you notice when you take the Vans LXVI Inscribe out of the box is the clean matte finish of the upper part of the shoe.    The charcoal and light blue color way is very clean and subdued, but hints at a future style that is just around the corner.  And boy is this thing light. This is definitely a shoe I would have seen Ethan Hawk wearing in Gattaca.  Like the movie, these shoes don’t scream “Hey it’s the future!”  but calmly hint at what possibilities there are when technology and style come together.

LXVI InscribeThe Inscribe is derived from the silhouette of the Chukka Low, a classic in the Vans Shoes line up, but if the two shoes are put side by side, the shape is about the only similarity.  Vans is known for its vulcanized rubber soles, but the LXVI line steps away from the use of traditional vulcanized rubber and utilizes advanced rubber cup sole and foam technologies.  On the Inscribe is the Waffleflex design that inverts the traditional Vans sole, but also spaces the tread blocks out for better flex.  When walking in these shoes, they flex very nicely and feel like someone has already walked a few miles in the for me and broken them in.

Inside the Inscribe is a soft yet supportive insole.  Despite how light the shoe is, it feels very comfortable and supportive under foot.  The neoprene on the heel cuff not only adds some flare, but also gives snug support for the heal without biting at your Achilles.  The Rapidweld design also minimizes the stitching on the upper and helps make that clean futuristic look.  Putting the shoe on is very smooth, thanks to the Luxeliner that conforms with your foot and moves independently from the outer part of the shoe.

Whether you are looking for a casual Friday shoe, something to take out to the club or just an everyday run some errands around town pair of kicks, the LXVI Inscribe is a very comfortable, lightweight and supportive shoe that will not slow you down.

2013 Ride Snowboards Are Here!

2013 Ride SnowboardsWe just received our first boards for 2013. Summer has not even had it’s first official day and we are getting snowboards. Crazy. 2013 Ride snowboards are the first ones to the door with a pre-June drop date. This is the earliest we have ever received product for the pending season. I know everyone is thinking about the beach, but why not drool a bit over next years gear and it looks good!

The Ride DH2 is the jam. It is perfectly suited for super parks. This year it offers micro-rocker in the tip and tail to keep it from getting to hooky. New for this year are Popwalls, which take Ride’s Slimewall up a notch and adds some carbon. You still retain the forgiveness of having the urethane sidewalls with a bit extra pop coming from the carbon.

This year the shape is fine tuned. Ride is using what they call the Hybrid Twin camber profile. Basically there is mico-rocker in the tip and tail and a very slight traditional camber  between the feet. The camber variations from tip to tail are almost invisible, which should give it a better ride than a flat board. This board is defiantly a must ride for next season, especially if you like going big.

Ride SnowboardsCheck out the rad new designs and graphics on the 2013 Ride Buckwild, DH2, Machete, Berzerker and Women’s Ride Compact all here at Eternal.

Boardshort Review: Analog Uno Boardshorts

Well summer is certainly in the air so it is time to get to the beach, river or the pool. It looks like the retro boardshort look is in this year. The Analog Uno boardshort is a great example they even have that old school cloth texture that really make them feel like throw backs. The leg cut is above the knee (20″) with a scallop cut seam, so they are a bit higher then more modern board shorts. Other than that they are basic, a tie string and anti rash Lycra at front fly and rise.

I liked these shorts because of the throw back cut. Newer board shorts often are just too long for me. The slightly heavier feel of the fabric makes them nice for wearing the entire day. Thats my two cents. So grab some retro Analog boardshorts for this summer and be the talk of the town.

Skate and Snow Safety Contest

We all know that snowboarding and skateboarding are inherently dangerous sports. There has always been a bit of a stigma about using protective gear doing these sports. With some high profile athletes being injured or unfortunately passing from injury, most recently Sarah Burke, more and more people are electing to use protective gear on their own, myself included. At Eternal we wanted to take a look a some of the numbers behind injuries and protective gear in snow sports and skateboarding.

Of course the numbers support the fact that the use of protective gear especially helmets, do in fact reduce the risk of injury. Check out this info-graphic that we came up with and if you are in need of a new helmet you can enter to win a brand new Bern helmet. Look for the rules at the end of the page.

snowboarding safety

How do you enter? It’s simple.

  • Embed this info-graphic on your site with the embed code below – 3 entries
  • Leave a comment below (you must sign to Disqus in with a real account) – 1 entry
  • Facebook a link to this page (tag – 1 entry
  • Tweet a link to this contest (mention @eternalsnowcom) – 1 entry

You must add a link to your blog post, tweet or Facebook post in the comments section below to be considered for the contest. One lucky winner will be randomly selected on March 30, 2012. Good luck and stay safe out there!

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