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Still Hard

Still Hard Teaser

The bad girls at Too Hard are at it again. Still Hard is their second movie and promises to be well Still Hard. The full movie drops August 2013 and judging from the teaser it should be full of bad behavior. Peep it.

Riders include: Madison Blackley, Alexa McCarty, Danyale Patterson, Fancy Rutherford, Kumara Kelley, Riley Elliot, Taylor Elliot, Mary Rand, Vanessa Moore, Marie-Andree Racine, and more.

Eternal Snowboard Team Edit

The Eternal Snowboard Team got together to throw down on a spring day at Woodward Tahoe and Boreal Mountain. Take it in.

Eternal Snowboard Team

Featuring Andrew Brewer, Brendan Gerard, Chas Guldemond, Josh Douglas, Joey Odom, Jake Devine, Wade Godi, Andy Blanchard, Niko Nakamura, Ryland West.

Filmed by Tilghman Wendel and Brenden Lisi.

Edit by Tilghman Wendel.

Brendan Gerard DTTD

Season Wrap Up with Brendan Gerard

Hey guys, just wanted to check in and let everyone know how things have been going. Started off the season pretty good, winning best trick at the San Francisco stop of the Downtown Throw Down.

Following that I headed overseas to do some strange mall parking lot demos, armed only with my trusty Capita, for an energy drink company in Turkey.


Traveled all over Turkey, filming and doing weird demos, got over it, and headed north to film some pow in Austria and Switzerland.


with Jonathan Nilsson and Nils Arvidsson

That all went cool so we continued north to Stockholm, Sweden to film some rails and what not. Check out this cool little B-roll edit from my good friend Diggles at Method Mag!

While in Stockholm, I linked up with the Transworld crew for a bit (Eiki, Gulli, Jonah, and Mark Wiitanen) and got some shots for their new Nation project. Check it HERE!

After two months in Europe, I decided I’d better get back to Cali, but not before a little rail jam in Istanbul. It was actually huge, they built some humongous 4 story tall scaffolding in the center of downtown Istanbul and more than 10,000 people showed up. We all decided to split the cash prize equally so I walked away with some cash, which is always a BONUS!

I gotta include this, it’s the commercial that we made to promote the event and it couldn’t be more funny.

YouTube Preview Image

Made it back home, not a lot going on though unfortunately. The snow in tahoe as you all know, was record breaking low. Still made the best of it. Got the opportunity to go shoot the Transworld park shoot at Boreal. Check more HERE!


Anyhow that’s about it, this was clearly way too long. If you’re interested in more, be sure to check out some free entertainment at Warp Wave and Springbreak Snowboards.

I’ll leave ya with cool tunes as well:

-Words by Brendan Gerard