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It Was A Good Day at Boreal: Ep. 2

We have been getting some spring like conditions up here in Tahoe, so it has been a lot of fun snowboarding out in the sun. Boreal has had their park in tip top condition all season long. Here is just a taste from Tanner Misono and a bunch of our friends, including Eternal Team Rider Ryland West on his Yes Snowboard.

Riders: Cameron St. Pierre, Kaleah Driscoll, Matty Britton, Sammy Spiteri, Colby Wrangler, Cache St. Pierre, Brenton Aikin, Shawn O’Neill, Alex Herrmann, and Ryland West

Filmed/Edited by Tanner Misono
Additional Filming from Shane Philipps

Fancy Rutherford Check In

The whole Eternal family has been busy snowboarding, filming and doin their thing. Time to check up on Fancy Rutherford.

Fancy Rutherford

“I have been busy filming and riding in Tahoe. And headed up to Mt Shasta next week. I had a blast judging the expression session this week at Boreal and hope to do a few more of them. I have a couple shots from the last few times I was out filming. Season is going great so far!”

Fancy Rutherford

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