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Northstar: New Home of the Superpipe

On Saturday, Dec. 31, Northstar at Tahoe has slated to open the Shaun White Superpipe. 22 foot walls are beckoning. The pipe even has a new home higher up the mountain, to take advantage of a better pitch and colder conditions, on Logger’s Loop. It looks like a lot of fun and if it is good enough for Shaun White then it is almost good enough for me. See you out there.

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Familia 2 teaser by FODT

Familia 2, the latest production for the boys over at FODT (Finger on da Trigger), will be hitting the shelves of your local snowboard shop soon. We are super pumped for this one because it will feature not one but two of Eternal’s team members Andrew Brewer and Jake Devine. Familia 2 is going to bring us the progressive street riding that we expect from FODT. They shot on location all over the world from Montreal to the streets of Japan. This teaser is just a taste of what we have to look forward to from the Technine team, who btw also just won the Transworld team challange.