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2013 Burton Bootique Women’s Snowboard Boot

The new Burton Bootique women’s snowboard boot has a quite a lot to offer for its mid-range price.  This is a great snowboard boot that the ladies will find supportive, comfortable and warm right out of the box and onto the slopes.   New innovations from Burton’s higher end boots have trickled down to the Bootique and make this boot a great value.

Burton Bootique Women's Snowboard BootThe Burton Bootique has the Level 1 Imprint liner which is heat moldable and features Hot Pockets for those extra cold days.  Little Hotties toe warmers come with the boots and fit easily in the pocket on the liner.  Getting the liner out is super quick with the new Speed Dial lace system.  Just pull on the loop and the tongue releases easily.  Putting it all together is a snap as well, just spin the dial after the liner is back in place.

One of the key features of the Speed Dial is that you can micro adjust the fit looser and tighter.  Other dial systems only let you get them really loose, then you have to tighten them back up again.  This feature will be super convenient on longer chair rides and when slight adjustments need to be made before dropping into to the next rail.


Burton Bootique LinerThe Burton Bootique also has an EST outsole with B3 gel in the heel.  Normally reserved for its higher end boots, B3 gel adds extra absorption for bomber landings and impacts.  EST is Burton’s low rise boot design that lowers the riders center of gravity and increases the amount of feel between the boot and the board.  That all adds up for quicker and better response from your foot to the snow.

With a feel of 3 out of 10, the Burton Bootique is a softer boot, but with its Total Comfort construction, the Bootique will feel the same in the store as on day 35.  It is designed with the park lady in mind, but has enough support to charge the rest of the mountain.  The Speed Dial system makes your laces one less thing to worry about.  At $199.95, the price puts it out of the entry level range, but any beginner would be good with the Bootique.