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Eternal and Park Pals take over Idlewild Skate Park

Eternal Skate Team and Park Pals

On July 20th and August 3rd, the Eternal Skate Team and Reno Park Pals headed over to Idlewild skate park for a mini skate board camp.  There were about 30 kids in the program that day and most were very excited to try out some of the skateboards that we brought.  There were about 10 extra skate boards, so while every one was not able to skate at the same time, each of the kids had an opportunity to roll around.

Eternal Skate Team and Park Pals


We arrived at the park around 130pm and set up our tent.  There isn’t a whole lot of shade in the early afternoon at Idlewild, and it was hot. Our tent was definitely appreciated  by the kids.



We did a little Q and A about skateboarding with the kids, and many of them knew their way around a deck.  Some had brought their own skateboards, and many were eager to try the ones we had.  Travis, Seth, Jake, Dalton, Nathan, Adam were on hand to give pointers and demo their skills for kids.  Edgar was there as well getting some video. As it got hotter, more kids took water breaks and sat in the shade to cool off while others got their turn on the skateboards.  To wrap it, each Park Pals kids got a sticker and a poster from the crew to take home.


Park Pals is a little known program funded by Reno Parks and Recreation and private grants.  The program targets at risk youth that are living in hotels around the downtown area and gives them opportunity to participate in summer activities.  They also provide lunches during the week.    The Park Pals program was almost cut last year, but some last-minute funding came through. If you would like more information, please contact the City of Reno Parks and Recreation department.


Below is a video from 2011 about the Park Pals program.
YouTube Preview Image