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Steez’n for a Reason – Snowboarders in the Meadow

Front Board Brady

6:30 am the mountain was socked in and reports of 40-60 mph gust on the ridge. How the hell do you cancel an event you worked this hard establishing and promoting? It’s the day of the JAM and the features are already loaded on our trailer the weather wasn’t the best but we were committed! It was time to hit the highway and hope for the best. With help of Heeber McNiel and Tj Hires we knew we couldn’t be beaten by some of mother natures Funk!

The Haul

The Haul

When we arrived at the first spot we quickly decided it was too windy, so we headed to a wind blocked area on the top of the summit. “steez treez” it was, today and we carefully started dragging these behemoth sized rails up the snowy hillside. A little weather won’t bother us true snowboarders. Dj Minsart and I had spent soo much time and effort on our new features, carrying up this hillside was the only thing slowing our world debut. With a little shoveling and a quick wipe down of the rails, it was just about showtime and steeze-balls were showing up by the subie load!

Wade, DJ and friends making it happen

Wade, DJ and friends making it happen

We set up some barrels at the entrance to gather old gear for the youth of our city, and a program called projectsnow.org. I knew the community would rally together for this but, I had know idea how much gear they would bring fourth. Thanks to everyone who donated there gear, your a good person, the gear is gonna make it to that right person! (see photo of all the gear)

The reason for steez'n

The reason for steez’n

Andy Crowell with Zunuz shoes, a proud sponsor of Steez’n for a Reason, Was there in full force. He set up a both and hooked up people with swag all day! He even sponsored best trick on the down bar and Brenton Aiken won some shoes. It was a battle for podium slots in that contest. but a smooth 27-on front blunt 27-off took the sneakers home- second place went to thee steeziest Bryce Salazar and third to Park City shred Jeff Spicolli. (Kevin Strande, LM33 really brought some heat as well, tough competition, but a session of epic proportions for sure)


Brenton Aikin taking first
P: Andrew “Whodat” Guddat

After all those bangers on the down bar it was hot dogg city, thanks to yours truly and Ms Savannah Patton for cookin’ up those 100 hot dogs! Next time we decided to bring more condiments…. and some steaks! By this time the weather was literally perfect out and layers were being shed! It was turning out to be one of the greatest days of my winter. All my friends were there and we were having a great time! After the grub sesh we got back to jib’n and ollie’n over everything in sight. Brewer got sick with it and literally did every trick in the book thru out the day. Heres a pic of dude jus ollie’n a barrel yo’.(photo of andrew) I do feel the need to mention our super bad ass TM Gency Warren front 1′ed the same feature, another highlight of MY day. Thanks to Gency and Eternal for hooking up some shwag and sponsoring the event as well.

Andrew Brewer getting some hang time over the barrel P: Andrew "Whodat" Guddat

Andrew Brewer getting some hang time
P: Andrew “Whodat” Guddat

Next we all got into some jib-low (jibbing limbo). Check some of the photos of gettin down’n low, thanks to Stinky Socks the lowest jib nasties scored some sick socks. Bryce was stoked to get some new socks his feet were stinky, so it was a match made in heaven!

bryce with socks SM

Bryce Salazar taking home some Stinky Socks from the “Jib-Low”

Hey if you see Sunny Beard tell her shes a sock snatcher!

Workin' for those Stinkys

Workin’ for it
P: Andrew “Whodat” Guddat

Angelo Archeta was there getting wild too, love snowboarding with that guy. My good buddies from all over made it to this event. Multiple rad heads from South Lake Tahoe and even some good friends from Utah made the trek to get steezy. I didn’t hear one complaint, no bad attitudes, it was all good energy and tons of stoked shredders. I was really happy and so was my bro DJ, from MNM Enterprises who provided the rails. We had a bunch more shwag to give out and it was already like 4pm so DJ started to hook up the skiers with rad Moment gear, thanks to Dane Dacus.

The afternoon seemed to fly by, felt like we were only there for a few hours. I guess good music, rad rails, and family fun will do that to an afternoon. It was an awesome feeling seeing all of my hard work pay off from this event, sure cant wait to do another one in the future. Glad everyone had fun, and no one got hurt. A Special thanks goes out to all the sponsors of the event, and the forest service for letting us use the land!

Words: Wade Godi

Photos: Andrew Guddat and Wade Godi

Summit Shred Sesh

With blacked out passes and tourist invasions, President’s Day Weekend leaves many snowboarders in the Reno/Tahoe area with limited riding options, often stuck at home waiting for the long weekend to pass. This year however, good friend and Reno’s own build-to-shred expert, DJ Minsart and team member Wade Godi gathered the team and friends to build a mini park of their own to shred. Loaded with 4 rails hand-crafted by DJ himself, a BBQ and a few cameras, the crew met at the Summit to set up a park run for everyone to ride.
Carrying over features

After a quick hour of set up, the rest of the day was open to shred the hand-built park.

Niko Nakamura   Muscles
Niko’s Gap to Tap                                                     Muscles…He’s a free agent

Brandon Sorel   Hank Le Master
Brandon Sorel Windin’ Up                                        Eternal Employee Hank Le Master

Ryan Stephens   Wade Godi Back Flip
Ryan Stephens Pressed Out                                    Wade’s Back Flip from Pole Jam

In the midst of a banger session, Ranger Rick stopped by to admire the set up and check on us. After a quick reminder to clean up after ourselves, we had the go ahead to keep riding.

Forest Ranger Rick

As the sun grew further West, it was time to pack it up. With 20 to 30 heads to help, the area was packed up in minutes. If you’re looking for features like these to have at your own disposal, DJ is the man to contact, willing to make any custom feature you can think of. Turned out to be a very successful day where no one had to spend money or battle long lift lines to shred!The Crew

Photos by Freddy Sanchez and Gency Warren

“Droppin in with Chas” Episode # 8

Well this season held on for what seemed like forever and Eternal team rider Chas Guldemond took advantage. He headed down to Mammoth Mountain, where they weren’t putting away their snowboard gear till the 4th of July, to film another “Droppin in with Chas” episode. Even had time to have a skate session at Brothers Skate Park, then head back home to Tahoe for one last go at Boreal. Take a look see.

IOC Finally Approves Slopstyle for 2014 Olympics

After a long deliberation, the International Olympic Committee, has now made snowboard slopestyle an official Olympic sport. This comes as some very welcome news to Olympic hopeful and Eternal team rider, Chas Guldemond. In fact upon getting this news Chas will be heading to Park City to meet with the head of US Snowboarding and to get a personalized workout program from the trainers at their world class facility. Then straight to Mt. Hood for the rest of July to coach his signature session at HCSC. This past season was incredible for Chas. He won practically everything that he entered including 1st Place 2011 European X Games Slopestyle, 1st Place 2011 Grand Prix Slopestyle, 1st Place 2011 Toyota Big Air, 1st Place 2011 Arctic Challenge, 1st Place 2011 Stuttgart Big Air. We are sending him nothing but good vibes as he will no-doubt have a hard 2 years of training leading up to the 2014 Games.

The recognition of the slopestyle event by the IOC gives a lot of validity to the sport as well as the athletes who risk it all for the sport. Everyone involved hopes to see the Olymipc slopstyle become a great success and help propel the disapline much as the 1998 Nagano games did for halfpipe. To read more about the decision and see some pics and quotes from Chas check out this ESPN article.